Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Boogeymen of Non-Humans.

Humans have plenty of ghosts and spooks that haunt them. But what scares the demi-humans of the world? Let's take a look at a few examples.



Urdlan is a Gnomish monster that is said to burrow through ground, seeking misbehaving Gnomish children. The beast seeks to punish the children, but strikes at the parents by devouring them, leaving the children alone. This often convinces Gnome children to settle and obey their parents (in order to protect them). But it also sometimes leads to children from less than ideal homes to pray that Urdlan eats their parents.

Dire Moles are considered the mortal enemies to Gnomes who will deploy spell and pistol to cull said creatures. Every year children and parents come together to express their love and burn an effigy of Urdlan in the community square. There is also a rumor of the occasional cult seeking to draw Urdlan or one of its children to do its bidding.

Gornak Elfeater

Out of any creature to enter Elven communities, none is more feared than trolls. It is not that Elves do not know how to fight a troll, rather, because trolls require an extra effort to defeat them it delays an effective response until fire or acid can be found and deployed. A delay means more innocents being slain by a ravenous beast. The most hated and feared of the trolls is one known as Gornak, a beast known for his three eyes and long fangs. He is said to take extra delight in eating children and priests, anything that represents purity and goodness.

Elven outriders keep a sharp outlook for Trolls and make it their business to hunt them to extermination. Elven watch stations are equipped with alchemist fire to quickly apply to bows or throw on marauding trolls.


Orcs and witchcraft go hand-in-hand with the witch being a very important member of the community. The tradition of witches being respected and feared began with the legend of Brynhild. The first Orcish witch to be scorned by a powerful warrior who was disgusted his potential mate wielded such power. According to oral tradition, this warrior lead Brynhild into the swamp and abandoned her.

In her rage, Brynhild summoned dark magic that turned her into a hag. Giving her command of the mists, spirits, and beasts of the swamp. Her canines grew to needle fangs and her thirst for blood grew. She became ageless, until the day she finally drained the blood of the lover who spurned her.

Brynhild is said to haunt the lands near Orcish camps. Singing sweetly in Orcish tongue to attract males so that she can drain them of blood. Her true goal is to lure her lover to get her deserved revenge, but it is also said that she can be placated by the prayers of an Orcish witch. Since then, tribes typically encourage at least one line of Witches exist within the community to lead prayers to ward against the vengeful Orc.

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