Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Necromancer for the House of Tudor

While I haven't finished Philippa Gregory's 'The Other Boleyn Girl'. I have currently read enough for at least one adventure sketch. This askews my usual fantasy where Orcs team up with Gnomes to fight Elves and instead takes some in a historical direction.

Despite being married to Catherine of Aragorn, King Henry has taken Mary Boleyn-Carey into his bed and in turn she has had a child, a boy (in the book it's a girl- but here's the fantastical part). Henry has decided to risk a lot of trouble by annulling the marriage early, breaking with Rome to legitimize his new heir. Trouble is a foot, but rebellion is held in check by Henry's trump card: the Stranger.

Where did he, or perhaps it come from? None can say for sure. But the Stranger began to appear since the time of the House of York. Serving Edward IV and Richard III and since it's time evil has followed. Edward V, the boy-princeling and his brother were surely slain to work evil magic. Yet, the Stranger abandoned Richard to be cut-up at Bosworth. Now it has returned to the Court of Henry VIII to once again quail the notables wish to overthrow the Tudor monarch and his new family. It is said to read minds and cast spells of blue flame to engulf enemies. It can summon the dead and force them to reveal their knowledge. All at the beck-and-call of Henry VIII, who has grown less concerned of the designs of the Stranger, and more about keeping his throne and his son healthy.

What does it want? Perhaps it wants the son as it's eventual apprentice. Perhaps it wants sacrifices to its complex spells? Perhaps it is an elaborate plot: to bring back its true master, Richard III in a young, healthy body by transferring Richard's spirit into the baby. Perhaps its just a fiend looking to sow seeds of chaos and discontent in the world.

The player characters are agents of the Church or of a order of monster hunters who now find themselves with a task to free the Island from the grips of this wickedness.

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