Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Adventure Sketch: Better than Any Ham

The Cleft Skull Tavern
Situated in the lonely corner of the woods is the Cleft Skull Tavern. To the locals: The tavern is famous, not for its rooms- they are economical and rather spare in quality. Rather, the fine dining that the Sawyer family provides to both locals and travelers. It is slow roasted over a spit, coated in rare spices that are said obtained from Elven traders who are far off from the range. People might not like the rough look of the tavern, but they say: This is the best ham they are tasting.

The family includes:

Sean Sawyer (Father): A man of little moral integrity, who left the employ of his father to setup a tavern in a building he found. He decided to put together his peculiar enterprise as a way to get money.

Anne Sawyer (Mother): A former woman of pleasure who was chased from the large cities into the country. She met Sean Sawyer and has settled, no longer as a courtesan, rather the wife of an innkeeper.

Junior (Baby): A cambion beast that technically should be 5 years of age. It has already grown to the size of an ogre and ruts in a part of the house. It is fed the scraps that the Sawyer's toss down to it.

Plot Hooks!

-The Sawyer's recipe, despite being called ham, is better than any ham: It is human flesh. Cleaved from the bodies of travelers who have stopped in at the Cleft Skull. Anne and Sean work as a team to deal with victims. This includes the use of poisoned drinks, sneak attacks, and traps to capture and secure victims to be served.

-The Sawyer's are believed not to have a child. They do in a way. Alas the child was cursed by a Witch while Anne was pregnant and was born a cambion beast with an appetite. Fortunately, the menu serves him well.

-The bones of a sorcerer are chained in the upstairs bedroom. The victim of a mage the pair had dealt with. The sorcerer however swore that his very skeleton would avenge him. Despite the fact that they boiled the flesh off the bones, at some point it's skeleton did return to haunt and try to kill them. To this night it remains chained in a secluded room in the house.

-A Halfling by the name of 'Puck Everton' arrives every few days, posing as a traveling tinker and trader. He is also a person who buys items from the Sawyer. No questions asked.

-Favors predominately human victims. A Half-Orc would do in a pinch, but is believed to be too sharp tasting. Elven flesh makes the Sawyer's worried about residual magic. Half-Elven flesh, however, is believed to be an extreme delicacy.

-The locals may or may not be in on the Sawyer's ways depending on how the GM views the nearby village.

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