Monday, November 14, 2016

Adventure Sketch: Emerald Dream Observatory

High on the hills that loomed over the glowing lanterns of Port Kyna was the grand dome and columns of the Emerald Dream. During the day, the green was a dull color, much like moss clinging to the stone. Yet, at night beneath the stars, it glowed in an almost eldritch color that both enchanted and repulsed. People would look upon those hills and wonder: What was up there?

Precis: A court of wizards and an alien being use an observatory for a purpose that the PC's might want to find out. Guards made of enchanted armor, gargoyles, and the occasional man with strange technology serve as obstacles to exploration.

Conspectus: The Order of Amethyst was at one time something of a joke in arcane circles. Sorcerers who, like a lot of Sorcerers, came together to smoke copious amounts of substance, impress each other with magical spells, and trade the occasional incantation. It was during these events that one of the members revealed a rather unique specimen. A creature that had ventured to the realm beyond the stars and whose crashed vehicle yielded such devices that it promised to exchange, as long as the Order helped the creature with its task. Communicating with its people in order for them to rescue the creature from what is viewed as a primitive and hostile world due to the psycho-kinetic power known as magic.

To this end, the Order agreed that in exchange for the artifacts the creature carried it would build the Emerald Dream to help locate and channel a communication spell to the creature's race. The greenery, armors, and gargoyles were put in place to deter citizens from asking too many questions and a hope that adventurers would be stopped by the creatures the order brought in or summoned.

Brief: There are a few items of interest that one might find breaking into the Emerald Dream.

-Most of the guards are animated suits of armor. There is also a golem of bronze, brass, or iron that dwells as the head of the guards. The golem combines its usual armaments with a modified shoulder cannon made from the creature's armory.

-The creature is from a race of blue skinned pachyderm-humanoids who combine their technology with psionics. Reports of traffic with humanoids besides their own kind has ended in negative incidents, including the one that was chained and made to serve a wizard. This is not the case. The creature would like to return home, but he isn't quite the same prisoner to the Order of the Amethyst.

-A group of gargoyles loyal to the Order perch on the observatory and will attack anyone who is not permitted by the Order to be on the property. They are one of the few packs that include a 'chieftain' gargoyle.

Titan - Gargoyle Chieftain
-The Order combines magical ability with a few artifacts recovered from the wreckage of the Creature's ship. Expect to see mages who draw out laser pistols if push comes to shove.

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