Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Borderlands: On Gnolls

Our tracking party came upon the supply caravan half-way between Saturn Gulch and the Haven Mines. The caravan was a scene of slaughter as arrows, blades, and marks that we believe are teeth littered the bodies of the men. That is not to say it was a total rout. Several bodies of the attackers were also found. The rebels did not stay long- they looted what they could and tracks indicate they used several large lupine creatures to haul away the goods. I recommend a much larger force with cavalry screens until we can find and eliminate this band. - Dreegan Kingstone, Dwarven Outrider.

Brief: One of the few races that are wholly native to the Borderland regions are the Gnoll packs. Both Minotaur and Gnoll have hunted, farmed, and competed for the Borderlands long before the Great War drew Men and Elves to use the region as their battlefield. During the war itself, Gnolls had mirrored their Minotaur counterpart by serving either side that offered something: pay, weapons, the magical item for healing. They served until the Treaty of Long Peace was signed and both sides revealed their intention of dumping their unwanted people into the newly created Borderlands. For Minotaur, the act galvanized the bull-men to jockey for power in the city-states that popped up in the Borderlands. For Gnolls, it was a call to resist through violence. Outside the great cities, in the plains and deserts, the Gnolls remain a threat.

5 Plot Hooks Involving Gnolls

-Gnolls are raiding caravans belonging to the Selentine Merchant's Guild and their mining concerns in the desert. Complicating the matter is that there are packs of Gnolls who work for the mines and have begun to settle down. The Guild is interested in finding and stopping the caravan, while not disrupting mining operation. This means a culling of Gnolls is highly frowned upon.

-Gnoll Packs have aligned with Red Knives to bring down confidence in city-state government, especially in Port Kyna and Seaside. This alliance is temporary as the Red Knives stated belief is making the Borderlands for Humans only, but for now, the Red Knives are eager to get their candidates into council seats and need the Gnoll attacks to oust the current government. Can heroes expose this link? Or convince the Gnolls that the Red Knives only plan their destruction?

-A situation has become critical as Gnolls have taken a citizen captive and the town the citizen is from has taken a Gnoll captive. Negotiations are strained between the pack and the town due to previous incursions and require a third party to see both hostages returned safely.

-One of the old Elven forts has fallen into the hands of a Gnoll pack and have begun to plunder it for treasure and arcane devices. A tempting target for some salvagers to get and steal what they can.

-A powerful Gnoll chieftain has emerged with his pack dominating several other packs through force and charisma of this chieftain. The towns are considering making a deal with this chief in order to bring a peace to the region, but would like an adventuring party to go into Gnoll country and open negotiations.

Player Stats for a Gnoll (1974 Style)

Gnoll Traits

Low Light Vision

Bite (Natural Attack): d6 damage

Survivalist: Either gains a +1 Survival Skill or player rolls a d20+1 when making class checks for Survival based actions.

Natural Armor: +1 AC

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