Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Campaign Sketch: The Winner is Kaiju

The Class of 1960

The Winner is Kaiju!

Precis: Mecha pilots who are sponsored by corporations fight against menacing monsters, known as Kaiju. These fights are not just for the fate of the world, but are a global sporting event that people bet on. Anything that can be wagered is.

Conspectus: In the near future the Earth is in peril. Giant monsters from the sea, air, and space known as Kaiju threaten the world due to their massive size and destructive behavior. As the world governments, increasingly weakened by the rise of megacorporations, have failed to respond to the crises, the corporations have. They have built and maintained a fleet of giant robots known as Mecha to combat these creatures, in exchange for more and more power. Rising alongside the Mecha defense is a rather peculiar industry that involves betting on fights between Kaiju and Mecha. Anything can be wagered: Will the town be destroyed? Will the Mecha lose or the Kaiju win? How close can one get to the population death total without going over? What is the weakness of the monster this time: Plasma, Rocketry, Machine Guns, or Bludgeoning?

Role of the Players: The Players take on the roll of Mecha pilots who are part military personnel, part Roman gladiator. Their mechs are adorn with corporate sponsership logos and their good looks, personality, and most important kill streak can garner them fan support and celebrity. While the campaign can strictly follow robots fighting monsters, a small layer is also available- the Corporations of course are never happy when a celebrity pilot becomes too popular. There are also times when a rival corporation would do away with a pilot, destruction be damned!

Influences: The Toho Kaiju series (Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and etc.), Pacific Rim, Robot Jox, Rollerball, and Robocop

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