Tuesday, November 1, 2016

FUDGE / Campaign Sketch: NEONPUNK

Streets of New Frisco
To me Cyberpunk should be an evolving concept with the times. For instance, in a lot of William Gibson's earlier works the idea of a hacker plugging his brain into the internet made certain sense for a writer in the late 70's and early 80's. It might have seemed a little too out there to think of concepts like wireless internet. Now wireless is becoming the whole game that if one was to writer a Cyberpunk story as speculative fiction, then one would probably use elements such as wireless connection to an almost ubiquitous degree- what I mean, gentle reader, is that current Cyberpunk would probably have the computer shoved into our brains and we'd all kind of be online. Think of a Raspberry Pi, just now its attached to your cerebellum and is the size of a postage stamp with an exorbitant amount of computing power.

I used this long intro-sequence to introduce a retrofuture concept I call: NEONPUNK. A setting inspired by Synthwave music, FarCry 3: Blood Dragon, and well, that sort of 80's that we all kind of remember while forgetting the parts that suck, mostly. While Cyberpunk is advancing, Neonpunk is a setting set firmly in it's time.

Precis: The players take the role of hackers, freelance mercenaries, independent reporters, beat cops, and jaded private eyes in a world of neon, plugged in computers, and the occasional touch of fallout from a previous private war.

Conspectus: Neonpunk takes place, well, across the world and posits a time where the world never advanced from it's 80's origins. Thus miniaturization of computers never occurred, though computers did allow you to connect to the internet through a connection to the brain. Nations became fractured into smaller countries with a strong central government unable to hold out due to competition of experience with corporations. Places like Pacifica make up what was once California, Oregon, and Washington, meanwhile, Miami is its own private citystate and an island after the waters rose and swallowed much of Florida. It is a time where a man can go to business for himself for just about anything- if he is willing to pay the right people. Bodyguards, information retrieval specialists, murderer for hire- all of it is a matter of economics rather than any moral outrage. Items found in Neonpunk include:

The Net: Using an Omicron V rig one can link their conscious mind to the web, also known as 'Cyberspace' to access files they may have stored- or access other people's files. One should always be wary of ICE (Intrusion Counter Electronics) these are programs designed to prevent you from getting access to files.

The Hotline: Mercenary types can always pick up jobs by hanging out at the Hotline. This rundown bar may look like a seedy hole, and it is, but it is also the staging point that clients can anonymously hire people to do work (typically wetwork- killing people). Just leave your payments with the bartender and your hired killer picks up his cut from there.

Rules Brief (For Fudge)

Strength (Physical power. Used for Melee ODF)
Agility (Physical adroitness. Used often to dodge items)
Health (Physical well-being. Used for DDF)
I.Q. (Used for both Intelligence checks as well as willpower saves)
Perception (Used to notice things, your sense of the world around you)


Tech Use
Knowledge (History, Corporations, Gangs, and other applicable)

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