Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scarabae Hack: Jobs for Picaros

House Inspection Agents

Whether it was the original owner of the house, the cursed progeny of the owner of the house, or an escaped asylum patient who found a large house to hide in. Every once in a while a rich family is terrorized by a humanoid living in the walls. This aides in the tales spun about haunted mansions or cursed chateaus, when really the curse is rather mundane- which is the real surprised for a world like Scarabae.

Job for Picaro? There is a career in being a house inspection agent. This could include Mages with telepathic ability, or toughs who can retrieve this living flaw in the building design. House Inspection Agents will scan the mansion while the client is a way. Trying to detect if a life form larger than vermin of a usual size. Upon detection the clean and sweep team moves in to subdue and return said humanoid to the nearest convenient asylum. Barring that, the team will just give the individual a sound thrashing.

Tube Station Exterminator

Scarabae is ancient. The modified worm trains have a large reach, but not every station that people congregate are still in use. In these abandoned washrooms and benches lurks under dwelling creatures or fiends who offer some kind of a power to a criminal patron in exchange for what the crave: blood for their hunger! Skulls for their thrones!

These criminals will at times hire worm conductors to transport freshly strung up corpses to these clandestine spots in order to serve their harvest of bodies to these creatures. However, these fiends walk a fine line. Criminal gangs have criminal rivals, sometimes they want to send a message to alter these creatures favor, but sometimes these criminals do have a streak of honor and will not tolerate subterranean flesh eaters existing.

Job for Picaro: Individuals or gang leaders who are interested in seeing their fallen avenged, or just wish to keep the city safe will hire Picaros to clean out these flesh eaters with swords, guns, and fire.

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