Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Scarabae: The Liftmen

An artist representation of an unused booth
This was made with Jack Shear's 'Scarabae' setting in mind. As always, this could be used in a lot of other steampunk settings.

The Liftmen

It is common knowledge that lifts in Scarabae do not actually use pulleys to move the their booths, but actually is a combination of arcane repulsion and phasing. That is fancy talk that lifts actually teleport to their destination, rather than just simply go up. Technically a lift could teleport into the shafts of other buildings, but there is a danger that the lift might crash into another teleporting lift- thus the practice is discouraged.

All lifts in Scarabae are controlled by the long brimmed hats and pulled up collars of the 'Liftmen'. These otherworldly operators are known to be polite, asking in their cold, deep voices which floor the passenger would like. As always, the Liftmen appreciate tips.

Interesting facts of the Liftmen

-It is known to criminals that by saying certain passwords or flashing signs that the Liftmen can teleport them to the in-between realm that the booth teleports through to move so quickly. In this place of no-time, no-space can criminals speak without worry of being listened into by scrying or tinker devices. As for the Liftmen, they stand quietly.

-None know why the Liftmen are willing to operate their booths. They take gold, but they never seem to leave their booths to actually spend it. It is rumored that people can sometimes, very rarely, but they can still vanish while using a booth.

-It is never wise to try and rob a Liftman. Not only does their fiendish skin make them difficult to harm, they like to quickly pull the lever to teleport them to their realm. Another person to deposit wherever the Liftmen deposit them at.

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