Tuesday, February 21, 2017

1974 Style: A Collection of Spells

To me, one of the most elegant and finest made RPG's out there is still the free 1974 Style. This game might be bare bones, but it has just enough that you could make a lot out of it. It's sort what I like about QAGS and to an extent FUDGE (though FUDGE being more of a set of ideas rather than complete game, I'd say FUDGE does it too well). The one thing that 1974 Style lacks is a solid magic rule system. The rules give a guide that spells should be one word that is self-explanatory (like how Fireball is a literal ball of fire). Things like saves, duration, and damage are hinted at and other factors are up to the GM. This can work for an improvising GM, but I like to offer up a couple of sample spells to help inspire both players and GMs who might want to try this out.

For my games Ranges are done in the style of "The Black Hack" where we have

Caster - Close - Near - Far - Distant

Range: Far; Radius: Near; Duration: Instant; Save: Half

This spell conjures a ball of energy where the ... represents the type of elemental energy used (Acid, Ice, Fire, or Electrical). The ball begins as a bead and is magically propelled to a target of the caster's choosing. The explodes for 3d6 damage (energy). Creatures in the blast radius may make a Saving Throw for half-damage. Creatures who are particularly weak against said energy makes a Saving Throw with a Disadvantage (roll 2d20 and take the worst of the two rolls).

Range: Close; Duration: 1 Scene; Save: None

This spell creates a shield of energy that grants +1 AC to the person touched. Shields at GM discretion can also absorb certain spells or absorb spell damage if the user makes their Saving Roll for half damage- they would take no damage, but would cancel out the shield.

Range: Close; Duration: Instant; Save: 1/2 (special)

This spell empowers the user to channel the essence of the light in their touch. This spell heals a target 2d6 points of damage. Against Undead class creatures this spell harms them for 2d6 points of damage. (The creature must be touched and they gain a Save for Half). When trying to touch a target, the caster gains the Advantage to their roll.

Range: Close: Duration: Instant; Save 1/2

This spell is the reverse of healing where the caster, typically one who is fel in origin, touches a living target for 2d6 damage (caster rolls with Advantage, the victim gets a Saving Throw for 1/2 damage). Undead touched by this spell are repaired in hit points instead.

Range: Near; Duration: Instant; Save: None

This fires several smaller beams at a target. The caster makes a standard attack with each beam in rapid succession dealing 1d6 per beam. The caster rolls separately per beam and can aim the beam at other targets. They must, however, call their target before rolling an attack. Creatures susceptible to fire (such as Ice Elementals) take 1d8 damage instead.

Corpse Mine
Range: Close; Radius: Near; Duration: 1d3 scenes; Save: 1/2

This spell infuses a dead body with a combination of necrotic and pyrokinetic energy. After the mine is set, the runes of alarm that are on the body are set to proximity and will go off regardless of it being an enemy or ally. The corpse mine explodes in a combination of bodily offal, necrotic energy, and a touch of fire dealing 2d6 damage. The mine going off will also send a magical signal to caster, alerting them to the detonation.

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