Saturday, February 4, 2017

Attribute Checks and Races (Fantasy Edition)

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Sometimes actions like Smithing, Dancing, or Arm Wrestling might come up in game that don't have a skill attached to it. Yes, a GM could make up some skills, but more skills can also slowly kill the FFF nature of Savage Worlds. Instead, certain features could either be used as a Knowledge or rolled as an Attribute roll (like Common Knowledge roll). Taking an inspiration from pg. 23 in the Savage Worlds core book. Here are some items that various fantasy races might get bonuses and penalties for. These are actions that judged via Attribute roll rather than a skill.


-Humans have no known penalty or disadvantage when making these kinds of checks (except for those who have the Clueless check). A GM might offer a +2 to a Common Knowledge area if there is something significant in their backstory.


+2 Smarts for Smithing, +2 Smarts for Stonework

Elf (Specifically Forest Elves)

+2 Smarts for Botany, +2 Smarts Fletchering (Bow crafting)


+2 Smarts rolls for Enchanting, +2 Smarts for Gemcutting

Half-elf (of Elves / Agility)

+2 Smarts roll for Woodworking

Half-elf (of Men / Edge)

-Half-elves raised by men have no significant advantage or disadvantage, unless something significant has occurred in their backstory.

Half-orc / Vale-orc

+2 Smarts roll for Smithing, +2 Minor Strength tests (such as arm wrestling) vs. Non-orcs.


+2 Smarts for Farming, +2 Agility for Dancing

Other races such as...


+2 Smarts for Alchemy, +2 Agility for minor tail tricks.


+2 Smarts for Calligraphy, +0 Mimicry of another person's voice (rather than a peanlty)

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