Monday, February 13, 2017

IX. Those Who Worship the Hermit

The Hermit is associated with being both the wanderer and the sage. He is known to encourage his followers the travel, to experience the world, and to learn things firsthand.  Like other powers, the faithful are divided in in the interpretation to the Hermit's command to learn and wander.

For instance: The Libris Rex, the grandest library of Scarabae, view the Hermit as their patron power. Their interpretation of him emphasizes the sage portions and the idea of living cloistered rather than traveling the world. Some members of the Libris Rex point out that going on their funded missions to explore ancient temples falls in line with the precepts of the Hermit.

Opposed to the cloistered librarians of the Libris Rex are the Tattooed Sages. These wandering men and women vow to learn things first hand. They travel the land searching for scrolls, tomes, and sometimes secrets of otherwordly powers. Tattooed Sages are known that when they have learned something they wish to keep forever they have this knowledge tattooed onto their body in the form of a rune or arcane symbol. When this item is formed, the knowledge is etched into the mind and soul of the Sage, allowing them to recall it at anytime.

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