Friday, February 10, 2017

Location: Oleander: The Garden City

An overview of Oleander's oldest quarter (Art by Il su Ko)

Brief: Oleander was the first in a line of experimental 'Garden City' colonies. The idea was a self-sufficient colony where three interconnected 'zones' served to keep the city fed and provide material to trade. The zones in the planning, which were put into effect for Oleander, included: The City, The Garden, The Crater.

Outer Zone: The Garden - The Garden refers to a magically grown farming community. This circle envisioned tiers of orchards growing from the sprawling building and large patches of wheat fields that were maintained within the walls of the Garden Zone. This particular zone served the needs of the colony city specifically.

Inner Zone: The City - Being the oldest, Oleander was a dream of beautification unheard of for a colony. 'The City' is known for its spires and temples which house the famed Oleander Gardens where unlike the actual Garden Zone, this garden boasts flowers and orchards that are enchanted to smell so sweet and ripe. Oleander's second greatest export (to cities such as Scarabae) are its scented flowers which are said to inspire both lovers and poets.

Out Zone: The Crater - Part of the self-sufficiency was an encouragement of industry that could provide both material for the colony and as export to keep up its financial viability for the mother country. To that end, the Crater District sits like a great grey plume on the border of such green lands, connected by walled walkways to get to and from the furthest district from the center. The Crater is a large mining and industrial complex. So named for the large hole the Dwarves and Gnomes of House Rediron dug to get at the ore and rare minerals from the island's mountains. Due to the dangerous work of colony mining, the wages are high here, so is the decadence amongst the workers. It is the dark secret to Oleander's otherwise beautiful facade.

Adventure Ideas

-Arrows of Obsidian: Standard battle story as the Ghostwise Halflings have launched a series attacks along the walls paths that lead to the various districts. The Guard could use some mercenaries to take some heads as warnings.

-Little Garden of Horrors: A very successful horticulturalist in Oleander's City District is very tight lip how he gets his flowers to bloom so vibrant and sweet smelling. His secret: These flowers are part of a larger man-eating plant that he has to keep fed so it can produce these smaller flowers. Do these flowers grow into maneaters themselves? Who knows?

-You Found Its House of Pain!: Miners in the Crater Zone have unearthed what appears to be a large chamber where something has been storing preserved corpses on the walls and floors. Now this fiend has begun to terrorize Crater community and House Rediron will reward any hunter who can bring proof they slew the fiend.


  1. What an evocative image you've chosen for Oleander!
    What else can you tell me about that piece of art please?

    1. Well this was found during a Google Image search for 'Garden City'. The idea of Oleander was inspired by a real world idea known as Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain. The Park Guell project was created by Antoni Gaudi and served as an idea for urban planning. The idea was that one area would be the garden (your farming), one area would be residential, and one area would be industrial. If you find yourself in Spain anytime and look at Park Guell, you'll find the only part built was the residential.

      The piece was done by a Korean concept artist named Il su Ko. Credit now provided in the caption.