Thursday, February 2, 2017

Setting: Neptune Key

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Neptune Key

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Precis: Corporations, gangsters, cyberpunk, and psionics clash in a paradise of neon clubs, virtual reality pleasure domes, and endless beach. It's Miami Vice meeting Blade Runner.

Conspectus: It is sometime in the distant future and much of Florida has sunk due to ecological disaster. What remains is now hot beach property that have brought in jet setters, criminals, and corporations that enjoy the remoteness that the Florida islands offer. The largest of these islands is known as Neptune Key.

Things to do around the Key:

-Gamble: Play at either the legal (or backroom casinos) in town, or perhaps take the ferry to the one of the cruise lines that sail off-shore. Plenty of chances to lose your shirt or bust out the bank, just make sure you get out of there before management decides to toss you out for bothering them.

-Dance: Neptune Key's beachfront clubs are the hottest around. Dance and sip champagne under the neon panels and spotlights. You probably won't need a tie, but a blazer might be required to enjoy the night.

-Imbibe: Drink, smoke, whatever... with Carthago Pharmaceuticals building a new facility on the Florida chain, a lot of make is on the scene. Technically there are laws against certain inhibitions, but you have to try real hard to get caught.

-Plot: Major corporations have been set up in the area. Criminal organizations rule the underground and can move a lot of things to the mainland. Government agencies use the waterways and looseness of the Florida chain to move agents in or conduct espionage from the islands themselves. It wouldn't surprise this writer if your hired muscle stumbles into yet another conspiracy involving kingpins and communists.

-Work: Brains that can crack corporate or private ICE are always welcomed. Fists that can crack corporate or private skulls are nice. Moving things or breaking up rings are plenty profitable. If you're not on the beach or in the club, you might as well make some money.

Influences: Scarface, Miami Vice, Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Shadowrun, Robocop, Total Recall, GTA: Vice City, and a lot of Synthwave. 

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