Friday, March 31, 2017

1974 Style: The Monk

The Monk (A suggested 1974 Style Class)
HD: d6+2 per level
AB: +1 per level


Martial Arts: A Monk's natural attacks raise from d4 to d6. Both their hands and feet can be used to make melee attacks with the same rate bonuses and damage regardless of which body party is used.

Flurry of Blows: While unarmed, a Monk can make two attacks with their natural weapons without penalty.

Ki Pool and Power

A Monk begins play with 2 Ki points in their Ki pool. These points are spent in talents they learn over the course of play. A general rule of thumb is they begin with 1 talent at 1st level and gain at least 1 talent every other level or through actions in-play (studying under a martial arts master, reading a tome, and etc.) Sample talents are below and the GM is encouraged to make more.

Iron Skin (R: Self; D: 1 round per level; Save: None; Cost: 1 Ki Point): A Monk's skin hardens to that of Iron boosting their AC to that of near heavy (their AC becomes AC 14). They do not take the penalty to movement or reflexes.

Dragon's Breath (R: Near Cone; D: Instant; Save: 1/2 Damage; Cost: 1 Ki Point): A Monk combines Ki with a brew they have created to spew out a gout of flame that deals 2d6 points of damage to targets in a cone shaped area. Targets within the cone are allowed a Saving Throw for 1/2 damage. The damage is fire based and energy resistances or weakness should be applied accordingly.

One Punch Surprise! (R: Close; D: Instant; Save: 1/2 damage; Cost: 1 Ki Point): This requires a successful Stealth vs. Notice roll between the Monk and their target. With a successful roll they launch a heavy attack into the weak point of the target. This attack is rolled with the Advantage and deals 3d6 points of damage. The target may make a save to take 1/2 damage.

Speed Attack: (R: Self; D: Instant; Save: None; Cost: 1 Ki Point): This bolstering power allows the Monk to make up to 4 attacks in a single round. The target can only move a short distance (half of their normal pace as assigned by the GM) after invoking this talent. If the Speed Attack is not used on the next natural attack the power dissipates.

Catch Arrow: A slow moving ranged attack against the monk must beat the Monk in a Attack+d20 vs. Attack+d20 roll. If the archer wins, the monk is struck and takes normal damage. If the Monk wins, they snatch and break the attack, halting any damage. If the Monk wins the roll by 10 or more, they grab and can return the arrow back by throwing it.

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