Friday, March 10, 2017

1974 Style: Rogue Talents

Rogue Approved
Precis: I add a touch more complexity to 1974 Style with these rogue talents.

Starting Traits for a Rogue

Skulduggery: +1 to class rolls involving Notice, Stealth, Lockpicking, and Handle Trap. These are the mainstays that make Rogues what they are.

Sneak Attack: With a successful Stealth vs. Notice roll (d20+Class Level vs. d20+HD for monsters) the Rogue can make a 'Sneak Attack'. This attack is made with the Advantage and deals 2d6 damage (Man-killing artillery). Static bonuses, such as a +1 from a magical weapon are also added to this damage.

Extra Traits

Note: Starting at level 1 a Rogue selects one of the traits from the list. Every other level (3, 5, 7) or at GM's discretion (training, money spent, magical stone swallowed) a Rogue may either select a new trait or add an extra +1 to the number of uses per day to either their racial or class traits that has uses per day.

Dual Wield: The Rogue is an expert at using two weapons at once. They gain a Shield bonus of +1 AC and may make attacks with their off-hand weapon without Disadvantage (unlike normal off-hand attacks). The weapon must be of light category to work.

Acrobat (1/day): Acrobats add +1 to Class Checks involving Acrobatics. Once per day an Acrobat may roll with Advantage to showcase their acrobatic talents. This could include tasks such as quickly scaling a wall or moving across a tight rope. This could also be used to grant an Advantage on a Saving Throw in a situation that allows characters to dodge an incoming calamity (such as dodging dragon's breath or a thrown fireball). The latter is at GM's discretion.

Poisoner (1/day): A Rogue can create and use a poison or toxin to apply a status effect to an enemy. A Poisoner gains one starting recipe and must acquire more in game (buying recipes, learning them from alchemical books). Poisons can include effects such as:

Sleep - Save to Negate. This poison is either coated on a blade or thrown as a powder. Target who fails falls into a coma like sleep that will wear off in 1d6 hours.

Stun - Save to Negate. This poison is often a liquid contained in a sealed beaker that is thrown and explodes in a flash and vapor that stuns victims in a small area. Victims who are stunned are at a Disadvantage to all actions and can only take one action until the effect wears off. This poison lasts 1d6 rounds.

Weakening - Save to Negate. This poison is coated on blades and represents the darkest, most dangerous side to poison. When this poison is used and the save is failed the target takes 1d4 damage for 1d6 rounds.

Note: During the course of play more powerful poisons can be found that do more damage, last longer, and etc.

Improved Dual Wield (Prerequisite: Dual Wield): Allows character to use normal sized weapons in off-hand effectively. With this talent a normal sized off-hand can be used with no Disadvantage applied.

Shadowmeld (1/day): Rogues who are of an arcane bent can train in this blending of talent and spell. This spell allows the Rogue to make an immediate Stealth check which causes an apparition of shadows to swallow the target, allowing them 1d4 rounds of invisibility in order to find a spot to hide in. Users who fail their Stealth vs. Notice stand out as a dim outline, allowing enemies to attack without making a second check but giving them a Disadvantage to their attack until this talent fades.

Feint: This combat ability is often used by duelist. The Rogue makes a Feint check (d20+class roll vs. d20+HD for monsters). On a success the target gains an Advantage and may deal Sneak Attack damage as if they had successfully came upon the target from behind.

Parry (1/day): A Rogue can enter a state where they do not necessarily attack, but fight to defend themselves from attacks. A Rogue can use this talent 1/day and maintain it for so many rounds equal to their level. Targets attacking the Rogue suffer a Disadvantage to their roll and any Natural 1 roll the target makes suffers an immediate counter attack by the Rogue.

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