Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Astounding Interplanetary Adventures - Some Extra Material

By Scott Malthouse
Like my previous review of 'In Darkest Warrens' I will sum up my review and then get into extra material I wanted to throw in. My review is this: if you like minimalist role-playing games, in this case with major nods to pulp science-fiction then you should get this. Like other material produced by Trollish Delver, the price is a pay what you want, and I'll include a link that you can jump straight there and grab a copy.

New Races

Interplanetary (which is what I'll use as a shorten title) only has classes in the core game. So, let's see a couple of races that you could use for your players. This is a nod to role-playing setting that I think is pretty good - Slipstream from Savage Worlds. Let's take a look at those same races made in a more minimalist style.


Planet of Origin: Earth

Brief: Earthlings is the term Humans are typically called by Aliens in Known Space. Earthlings come in various shades and shapes with males typically being taller than females. Earthlings have the following traits.


Normal Vision - Can see normal and suffers penalties for lack of light.

Common Bond: When dealing with other Earthlings, this character may roll twice on Person tests and take the better rolls. This roll can suffer penalties if certain factors are in place (like a member of the Space Rangers is dealing with Space Pirates)

Extra Effort (1/day): Once per day an Earthling can roll twice and the take the better of rolls on a test of their choice. Player must declare the use of the this talent before dice are rolled.

Lion Men

Place of Origin: Seble Prime

Brief: Lion Men are a race of feline-humanoids from a series of arid planets in the Seble-Tamrat sector of Known Space. They are known for their imposing builds, warrior's code, and honorable mentality. Lion Men's fur comes colors such as shades of brown, gold, and silver. Males sport a large mane of hair while females sport shorter cuts.


Low Light Vision - Can see in low light conditions without penalty and take only a half-penalties in dark conditions.

Claws - Is never considered unarmed when in melee combat (does not suffer a -1 to Brawn tests when fighting in melee).

Great Strength (1/day): Even the weakest of Lion Men have at times shown feats of great strength compared to others. Once per day a Lion Man may roll twice on a Brawn Test and take the better of the two rolls. Lion Men must declare using this talent before die is rolled.


Place of Origin: Taygete

Brief: Known for their stunning beauty, ethereal skin, and blonde hair. Valkyria are an all-female alien race from the Pleiades sector of the Known Space. Valkyria breed with males of other alien races to produce more Valkyria. Valkyria tend towards psychics and scientists.


Low Light Vision - Can see in low light conditions without penalty and take only a half-penalties in dark conditions.

Empathy - Can always make a Mind Test to glean the surface thoughts /emotions of a target character.

Gift of the Light (1/day): Once per day Valkyria can Test Mind and channel their latent psychic energy into a healing touch. The target is healed 1+1 for every 2 levels the Valkyria possess. This is a draining action that leaves the Valkyria with 1 action for d6 rounds.

New Class

Combat Psychic
The Psychic

Brief: Either by a mysterious force in Known Space or super-science unlocking the hidden portions of the mind, Psychics are individuals who know how to shape the world through latent powers within.

Hits: 3

Special: Psychic Talents

Talents are usable once per combat unless otherwise noted through tech, racial feat, or the talent itself. Psychic's begin with Read Mind + 2 other talents.

Bolt: Test Mind. Standard mental attack of a Psychic that conjures a bolt and fires at a target. Can be used 1d6 times per combat encounter (roll at the start of a combat).

Ball: Test Mind. Sends a ball of electrical or pyrokinetic energy that blasts a small area injuring targets that at and close by the point of impact. This spell does not distinguish friend from foe.

Scramble: Scramble enemies mind, making it hard to react. Enemy is at -1 to Tests for a number of rounds equal to Psychics level. Penalties do not stack.

Armor: Gain +4 hit points that fade at either of the end of combat or by damage. This spell can be cast 1d6 times at the start of a combat (roll at the beginning) fresh applications of this spell replaces and does not stack with older, unused casts.

Read Mind: Test mind. This unlimited use talent allows the psychic to glean surface thoughts and emotions from targets. A Natural 6 might reveal a clue or specific fact the target has on their mind to the caster.

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