Sunday, March 5, 2017

Caves: Cast Addition- Persefani Stargazer

Persefani Stargazer
Class: Fighter (3); Race: Human
AC: 16 (Plate + Shield); MV: +2; ST: 12; HP: 22 / 22
AB: +3 / XP: 0

Sword +1 (+4): d6+1 / Shield Bash: d6 / Knife: d4

Wealth: 40 / Equipment: Backpack, Waterskin, Bedroll, Torches (x3), Flint & Steel, Rations


Normal Vision

Extra Effort (1/day): Once per day can take the Advantage on one d20 action of choice. This talent must be invoked before final roll is made.

Great Strength (1/day): Gain +1 to any check that requires Strength (lifting, pulling, breaking a door down...) Once per day gain the Advantage on Strength check or Melee attack with a Regular or heavier weapon. This talent must be invoked before dice are rolled.

Ignore Pain (2/day): Can shake off wounds that would normally hinder others. So many times per day the subject regains 1d10 lost hit points up to their current maximum.

Brief: Persefani Stargazer is a Human with a touch of Elven blood in her line (this continues to make her Human, though her eyes have a striking feature that are notable to Elves). She has long auburn hair and sports ivory and bronze colored armor. She is currently staying in the Borderlands region while waiting word from her sister, Ilisanona Stargazer.

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