Friday, March 3, 2017

Darkest Warrens: More Magical Items!

One of my great loves about the indie role-playing game community is that someone like me can go in with $10 or $20 bucks and come out with a slew of games that I can run either solo or with some friends. It maybe helps that I have a little too much time on my hands and a little too much imagination- good thing I got the blog for creative output.

This represents my third expansion material for Trollish Delver's 'In Darkest Warrens' minimalist role-playing game. Before I take a step further, let me say, that you can purchase In Darkest Warrens, in this case specifically the 'Magnificent Artefacts' pdf from here. It's a 'pay what you want' like the other Warrens stuff, and I strongly recommend it as a neat minimalist fantasy game that hits a sweet spot of allowing both the player's and GM to roll.

Now! Let's add some extra magical items to compliment Magnificent Artefacts.

Magical Weapons

Magical weapons come in two categories for pure damage: Magical (+1) or Major (+2) these are static bonuses added to the damage.

Besides pure magical damage bonuses the follow magical modifiers can be applied to a magical item created by the GM.

Disruption: This modifier is typically applied to blunt weapons (maces, hammers). The arcane energy within disrupts the normal functions of the body and weaken the individual with a -2 to all traits for a number of rounds (either dx or a static number set by the GM). Powerful monsters (Liches, Dragons, Higher Demons) may make a test to reduce or negate this penalty.

Slicing: This modifier adds an extra +1 damage when a natural 6 is rolled. At GM's discretion a lesser minion (Goblin, Orc, Kobold) may automatically lose a limb while a powerful creature (Dragons, Fiends) may make a Brawn check to retain their limbs.

Flametongue: This melee weapon modifier can once per day launch a bolt of flame at a target as a Nimble test. Targets can possibly bet set on fire or take extra damage if they are particularly susceptible to fire (such as Ice Golems).

Sticky: This range weapon modifier can apply a Hold spell to ammunition. When the ammunition strikes its target it explodes in a goopy mess that traps targets close to the area of impact. Target struck is automatically Held while targets on the periphery may make a Nimble test to avoid.

Ethereal: The runes etched on this weapon glow and hum when near an ethereal entity (such as a ghost or wraith). This melee weapon or enchanted ammunition strikes true with no defense of failure chance due to the spirits phase on the prime material plane.

Magical Armor

Magical Armor adds hits to the target as either +1 (Magical) or +2 (Major Magic).

Magical Armor might have some of the following modifiers.

Energy Resistance: Upon item creation choose an energy that is common to the world (Fire, Ice, Acid, Sonic etc.) The wearer of this armor is either immune or gains a Test throw to avoid taking damage from this energy. Weaker versions of this modifier might have so many points attached that are used when the energy resistance absorbs this damage, rune power reduced to 0 makes the resistance inert until it is given a chance to recharge.

Dwarven Forged: User wearing this armor does not fall unconscious at 0 HP.

Ethereal: This armor protects victim protection versus the touch of Ghosts or Wraiths. Said ethereal creatures take either a -1 or -2 when trying to touch a character wearing Ethereal armor.

Arrow Catching: This modifier usually applies to shields only. Armor with 'Arrow Catching' apply a -1 penalty to enemies who are using mundane ranged weapons (arrows, crossbow bolts, bullets) against a target. Siege weapons are not affected by this power.

Shadowy: Typically found on magical leathers, Shadowy gives targets an Advantage (roll twice, take better of rolls) when making Nimble tests for Stealth or hiding. 

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