Wednesday, March 29, 2017

QAGS: Why Not Crush?

QAGS weapon design system is simple, elegant, and makes it easy to whip up dangerous weapons for your characters to use. I appreciate for example that guidelines are given for, say, firearm calibers to determine what makes a +2 or a +3 damage. One area that suffers is that of the mace. The mace doesn't get factors such as Pointy/Sharp to give it an extra boost. So, comparing say a medium sized flanged mace to say a sword we get the following damage outputs.

Mace +2 (Medium-sized weapon +2)

Sword +3 (Medium-sized weapon +2, Sharp +1)

So, what can crushing damage give us as a sort of edge versus weapons that outstrip it? Here are some ideas.

-Crushing weapons reduce the effectiveness of rigid armor (full-plate) by 1 point. Thus a DR 4 Plate Mail becomes DR 3.

-Crushing weapons give the user a +2 when trying to bash open something. Such as bashing in the lock to a treasure chest because the Rogue failed their pick locks roll.

-Blunt weapons, such as saps or clubs, can be used effectively to hand out non-lethal damage to targets over swords or knives. Just in case you actually wanted to take someone alive.

-Fragile targets, such as Skeletons, gain +1 DR vs. pointed weapons and take a -1 DR penalty when being hit by blunt weapons.

Of course, you can always slap some spikes on it, call it a morning star, and suddenly you get a +1 bonus damage for it either being pointy or scary.


  1. I'd exempt mail from this rule as mail is decidedly flexible by design, and flanged maces were specifically designed to be effective against plate armor.

    1. Thank-you Gordon for pointing that out. I've corrected the oversight.