Monday, March 27, 2017

Savage Scarabae: Boyish Charms

Our first Friday session was perhaps our slowest in terms of adventuring as we had kicked off the night rolling characters and some of it required explaining about how Savage Worlds worked. Savage Worlds isn't the most complex of systems, but it does require a few minutes when you have a band of people new to the game and only one Deluxe book to share with them. For Scarabae we came up with the following band -

Calpurnia (Catfolk, Rogue-build)

Ari (Tiefling, Psion-build)

Sprocket (Gnome, Rogue-build)

Sunflower (Saurian, Weird Science-build)

Background & Events

-The scene was set in medias res with local operator, Gaffaden 'Gaff' Redspark hiring the party to clear out the Heelshire Manor, which has long been reported as haunted since the death of the affluent Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire. The scene was set of the party having arrived near sundown to draw out and expel the spook.

-Ari was given a device to detect arcane signatures and heat. The plan was to find if the ghost has a fetter the party could remove or destroy to break the ghost's existence on the mortal plane.

-As the adventured their main encounter was ROUS (Rodents of unusual size). The rats here were roughly the size of dogs, having fed on the unfortunate dregs who have tried staying in the house. The party dispatched several and after the fight, Sunflower thought she saw a shadow shift behind the wall in one of the bedrooms. Her plan was to throw the rat carcass at the wall, to see if she could get the signatures attention. When she did so, the carcass broke through the panel and exposed a crawlspace.

-The party investigated other rooms. None of the party tried to splitting or checking out, mainly keeping to a 'rule of two' when it came to exploring. Eventually they caught up with the entity and found out that the house wasn't haunted, instead, Brahms Heelshire who was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire revealed himself to be hiding in the walls. He attacked the party, not realizing these were Picaros.

-Brahms was slain from a knife slash to the guts by Sprocket. He was felled and the house was turned over for cleanup.

Party Rewards: 5 XP (Level up!) and $125 each in silver coinage.

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