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Solo: Caves of Chaos (Cast)

Caves of Chaos

Preamble: I've been gone for awhile, huh? Well, no time like the present to make my way back into the solo gaming world and in a toss up between my heavily modified rendition of 1974 Style and Savage Worlds, I so far went with 1974 Style for this solo campaign. The general idea goes something like this...

Mix the scene above.

With this adventure above.

And more or less this rule set

And you more or less have my solo campaign. So, let's see how far we can get on 'Chaotic Caves' module. This is the 'Caves of Chaos' campaign. Some general guidelines.

-Bulk of the rules used 1974 Style. Which you can download here.

-Saving Throw Rules are cobbled from Swords & Wizardry. The general numbers can be found here.

-Things like Ranges are from 'The Black Hack' which you can purchase here. Suffice to say Ranges are divided in very general rules (Close, Near, Far, & Distant)

-Spells were made up by me with 1974 Style serving as a guideline.

Now let's meet our current roster...

Taicho Penwright
Class: Magician ( 3 ); Race: Tengu
AC: 10 (Robes); MV: +12; ST: 13; HP: 17
AB: +3; XP: 0

Staff: 1d6 / Dagger: 1d4 (R: Near) / Dagger: 1d4 (R: Near)

Wealth: 60 / Equipment: Backpack, Spellbook, Rations, Canteen, Pen & Ink, Chalk, Lantern, Oil (x2)


Scroll of Healing (x2 / R: Close; Duration: Instant; Save: ½ damage): Heals target 2d6 points of damage. Undead can be harmed with this spell but gain a Save for ½ damage.

Scroll of Fireball (x2 / R: Distant; Burst: Near; Duration: Instant; Save: ½ damage): Spell deals 3d6 points of damage (Fire) to a Near burst radius. Targets within the radius may make a Saving Throw for ½ damage. Creatures susceptible to Fire make a Saving Throw with Disadvantage.

Scroll of Lightning Bolt (x2 / R: Far; Duration: Instant; Save: ½ damage): Fires a bolt of lightning that travels a distance and deals 3d6 points of damage (Electricity). Targets in the path may make a save for ½ damage. Targets whose weakness is electricity do so with a Disadvantage.

Scroll of Knock (x2 / R: Caster; Burst: Near; Duration: Instant): Spell radiates alteration magic that causes locked doors to unlock and open for the caster. All mundane doors in a Near burst will unlock and open. Doors that are magically sealed can be unlocked, but this requires a Caster vs. Caster roll or Caster vs. set number roll. In this manner only one door is affected.


Low Light Vision: Can see in low light conditions.

Sneaky (1/day): Tengu are experts at Stealth due their quiet nature and at night their dark feather covering. Gains +1 to Stealth checks. Once per day can make a Stealth check with an Advantage.

Scholar: +1 to Lore (History) & Lore (Arcana) checks.

Saving Throw Adjustment: +2 vs. Spells, Staves, & Wands

Mana: 5

Enchanted Object (Light) (R: Close; D: 1d4+1 Scenes; Save: None): Enchants an object held to glow as bright as a torch. The objects remains glowing for the duration of the spell, even if not held by the magician. The object's color is at the choice of the magician, but will always glow as bright as a torch.

Rune of Healing (R: Close; D: 1 round; Save: ½ Special): This slower version of healing requires 1 full round where the caster draws the mark on the target, healing them 2d6 points. During this round, any damage suffered to the caster causes the spell to fail. The rune can also be used against Undead, dealing 2d6 damage with a Save for ½ damage. The caster must be touching the undead the whole time to draw the rune.

Scorch (R: Near; D: Instant; Save: None): The caster launches up to 3 bolts of pyrokinetic energy that deals 1d6 hit points per bolt. Each bolt must be thrown as a separate attack roll. The damage is fire in nature and targets that are particularly vulnerable to fire are dealt 1d8 points of damage instead.

Force Shield (R: Close; D: 1d3 Scenes; Save: None): This spell casts creates a field of energy around the target, granting +1 AC. Targets gain a bonus +1 AC (equaling to AC +2) when spells made of “Force” energy are used against the spell's recipient.

Brief: Taicho stands as tall as most men with a crouched posture that makes him seem a little shorter than he really is. His body is covered in thick black feathers that are hidden by his blue robes. His most striking feature is his avian head with a sharp black beak and black eyes with purple pupils. He is a Tengu from a distant land who has come to the Borderlands to adventure.

Ramona 'Ray' Wanderleaf
Class: Rogue ( 3 ); Race: Elf
AC: 11 (Leather) / AC: 12 (w/ Dual Blades); MV: +9; ST: 13; HP: 17
AB: +3; XP: 0

+1 Sword (+4): 1d6+1 / Dagger (x2): 1d4 (R: Near)

Wealth: 110 / Equipment: Rope, Grappling Hook, Backpack, Lantern, Oil (x4), Rations, Canteen, Lockpicks


Low Light Vision: Can see in Low Light conditions.

Keen Senses (1/day): Gain +1 to checks made to Notice. Once per day can make a Notice check with the Advantage.

Skulduggery (2/day): +1 to Stealth, Notice, Lockpicking, & Handle Trap. Twice per day a Rogue can make one of these checks with the Advantage.

Sneak Attack: With a successful Stealth vs. Notice check, the Rogue can make a Sneak Attack. They gain an Advantage on this roll as part of flanking and their damage increases from listed to 2d6. Any static magical bonuses are added as well.

Dual Wield: Gain +1 AC and can make off-hand attacks at no penalty while using a light weapon in the off-hand.

Saving Throw Adjustment: +2 vs. Traps, +2 vs. Enchantment spells and effects.

Brief: With pale skin and silvery hair, Ramona 'Ray' Wanderleaf stands a littler taller than most men. Her cheeks are think with an aquiline nose and smooth skin that had yet felt the effects of heavy travel. Her eyes are large and green with long thin eyebrows that curve around her eyes. She stands with straight posture, typically wearing her leathers or travel gear as she makes her way from Rathmer to the deeper portions of the Borderlands.

Rendford Greymountain
Class: Hunter ( 3 ); Race: Dwarf
AC: 13 (Mail +1); MV: +6; ST: 12; HP: 22
AB: +3; XP: 0

Greataxe: 1d8; Musket: 1d8+1 (R: Near); Hatchet: 1d6 (R: Near)

Wealth: 90 / Equipment: Waterskin, Rations, Torches (4), Flint & Steel, Repair Kit, Rope


Darkvision: Can see in total darkness, albeit in the greyscale.

Toughness (1/day): Dwarves are known for their toughness. They always roll with a +3 bonus instead of +2 on Hit Point rolls. Once per day a Dwarf can roll with the Advantage when showing off feats of fortitude. This could be Saving vs. poison or disease, gaining some lost hit points, or doing a task such as trying keep down food after a Dwarf overate.

Survivalist (1/day): Gains +1 to Lore, Survival, Athletics, and Stealth when in a wilderness setting. Once per day a Hunter can roll with the Advantage on a check involving one of these skills. At the start of each day a Hunter can also make a roll to forage and feed the party. This could have a morale effect or just keep the party alive due to GM's discretion.

Explosive Shot (2/day): This is a special range attack that upgrades a ranged weapon's damage die by one step. The attack must be called before a d20 is rolled. Static bonuses, such as equipment or magic is added into the new die roll.

Brief: Rendford Greymountain is a black haired Dwarf that stands at average height for Dwarves- shorter then men, not as short as Halflings or Gnomes. Rendford's amber eyes are buried under thick black hair and beard, but they burn with the fire of a man who hasn't decided to settle to a clanhall. Unlike other denizens of the Borderlands, Rendford has arrived voluntary and can retreat back to the North at anytime. He has chosen to be here to make his fortune.

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