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Solo: Caves of Chaos - Episode 2: Goblins, No Doubt

Player's Map
The story so far...

The party has arrived at Gorman's Junction and made contact with some of the locals. The rumor mill was low the first go-round, but word has reached of Lizard Men attacking and stealing cargo from river barges; Bandits using some level of magic have been stalking the roads; and a Troll is living underneath the bridge near Gorman's Junction that needs to be fed. The kindly Innkeeper (Mrs. Palmer, Human) dispelled one rumor (the Troll) as being very outlandish. Mrs. Palmer also noted there is an abandoned manor nearby that could hide bandits. The party has decided to use this clue and sets out for the west.

The party determines the shortest and safest route is 18 miles with time spent in plains, a brief period of shallow forest, and back on the plains before hitting the mansion. The party can go 12 miles in a day safely and elect to stay on a conservative course. The first three miles outside of town are made of bustling farms ran by Humans and Halflings with little activity that isn't friendly. No check is made. As the party passes the roads they are given varying responses from the community.

Rendford as a dwarf... receives a warm response as Dwarves are common in the North and are generally viewed as allies to Kingdom of Northwald (the current rulers of the North). He takes it in stride.

Ramona as a Elf... receives a cooled reception being an Elf. Elves hail from the Kingdom of Sunrae (the South) who are viewed as perpetrators of the 'Great War' a feeling that Ramona harbors in a smaller dose to the Northerners she sees. She is stoic and keeps moving forward with little to comment to the cold looks she is given.

Taicho as a Tengu... receives raised eyebrows and a few hellos. He is certainly an interesting spectacle for these farmers, but his blue robes go so well with jet black feathers. In turn he is polite and shares a few greetings when given by the locals.

Taicho: “Very nice people...”

Rendford: “Salt of the earth.”

Ramona: “They're okay. If you like farmers...”

The party passes beyond the farms and into the woods that border the region. The going is slow, though there are trails in the area. There is also a 1-in-6 chance of an encounter. The result is a 3. The party has now gone 9 out of 12 miles for the day. The sun's rays begin to fade as a roll of 7 on the Spring Weather chart brings about showers to the area. A second check is made for the last 3 miles with a 2-in-6 chance for an encounter. The result is: 6. Wildlife is present, but the situation is calm.

Rendford: “Finally, a last touch of cool weather before the spring kicks in and it's humid again.”

Ramona: “I thought you Hill Dwarves liked being out doors- come rain, shine, mild, or humid.”

Rendford: “I wasn't born on a hill, Ray. I lived in the Dragonspine like other Dwarves before me. I just became a Hill Dwarf later in life.”
Taicho: “Why's that?”

Rendford: “I'd rather not say.”

Evening falls on the party and they decide to make camp. Rendford makes a Survival check (d20+4 for a total of 18). He finds a very cozy spot amongst a copse of trees where the party can pitch a heavy tarp to protect themselves from the rain. Soon a fire begins to keep the campsite warm and cook food over.

Rendford: “We should be out of the woods and near the manor tomorrow. I'd say we should leave a little bit before dawn, that way we can try and catch these bastards by surprise.”

Ramona: “I'll take first watch while the fires still burning. I need the least amount of sleep and a little bit light than you do.”

Rendford: “Aye. Taicho, you don't mind taking second watch? Fire might be cooling off, but you've got sharp eyes. I'll take third when its gone out.”

Taicho: “Right. Of course... you think someone actually trouble us?”

Rendford: Shrugs and says: “Who knows, mate.”

<There is a 2-in-6 chance of an encounter. The result is 4. No encounters occur during the rest period.>

The night passes fourth. The showers slowly recede and the night passes quietly by with only the call and buzz of animals to disturb the tranquil evening. By fourth watch the party is up and begins making their way through the forest. Another 3 out of 12 miles are taken up by the forest. They clear the forest in another 4 hours and soon make their way into open country. While the plains lack solid roads as they did in the farming country, the area is mostly clear. There is only a 1-in-6 chance of an encounter (result is 1. An encounter roll.>

Encounter table for the area is as follows on a d20:

1d6 Human Bandits / HD: 1 (3 HP) AC 11 (Leather; MV: 9) #AT 1 Sword (1d6), Dagger (1d4), ST: 14
1d3 Bugbears / HD 3+1 (10) AC: 14 (Hide; MV: +6) #AT 1 Claws (1d6), Club (1d6), ST: 12. Advantage on Stealth.
1d6 Giant Rats / HD 1 (2) AC: 12 (Natural; MV: +6) #AT 1 Bite (1d4), ST: 14. 1-in-20 chance for Disease.
1d3 Gnolls / HD 2 (9) AC: 14 (Hide Armor; MV: +6) #AT 1 Claws (1d6), Sword (1d6), ST: 13
1d6 Goblins / HD: 1 (2) AC: 12 (Leather; MV: +5) #AT 1 Spear (1d6), Dagger (1d4), Bow (1d6; R: Near, ROF: 2), ST: 14
1d6 Hobgoblins / HD: 1 (5) AC: 14 (Mail Armor; MV: +6) #AT 1 Sword (1d6), Crossbow (1d8; R: Far, ROF: 1). ST: 14
1d8 Kobolds / HD: 1 (1) AC: 13 (Hides; MV: +7) Claws (2 swipes; 1d4). ST: 15
1d3 Lizard Men / HD 2 (4) AC: 14 (Hide; MV: +6 / MV: +9 underwater). Claw (1d6), Spear (1d6). ST: 13
1d8 Orcs / HD 1 (5) AC: 13 (Mail; MV: +6). Axe (1d6), Knife (1d4), Bow (1d6. R: Near. ROF: 2). ST: 14
1 Mountain Lion / AC: HD: 5 (21) AC: 13 (MV: +8) 2 Claws (1d4), Bite (1d8). ST: 10

<D20 Encounter = 7. 1d6 (5) Goblins move towards the party. They are 30 feet ahead on the trail.>

As the party moves along towards the purported location of the Manor, Rendford & Ramona (a Hunter and an Elf) get Notice checks to detect a Goblin party that moves at normal pace and makes no real attempt at Stealth. The rolls are Rendford (d20+4 = 19) and Ramona (d20+4 = 17). Both hear noises and pause.

Rendford: “Something's coming.” Unshoulders his musket and takes a few steps away from the party. He raises his weapon and keeps the rifle pointed slightly down lacking any target.

Ramona: Spits and says: “Goblin drinking songs never sound pleasant.” She draws both of her blades and turns her head to Taicho. “Stay behind me, let's see some of that magic at work.”

Taicho: “Of course.” He gently touches Ramona's hand for a moment and casts “Force Shield” on her. The spell lasts 1d3 scenes (2) and her AC rises by 1 (Current AC: 13 / Leather, dual wield, and Force Shield)

Ramona: Offers a brief smile and turns to face the road.

The Goblins round the corner. There 5 altogether wearing a patchwork of mail and leather armor with helms. 4 carry short spears while the 5th, a leader looking type, carries a sword. They pause as they see the three stand before them and move half a ways to them.

Goblin Lead: “Well, well. A Dwarf, an Elf, and a Birdman in the wilderness. Quite a sight... that's quite a sight, right boys?”

Goblin Soldier: “I bet they are loaded with coin... they certainly have shiny equipment.”

Ramona: “You'll let us pass with no trouble?”

Goblin Lead: “If a toll is paid, certainly.” He grins with sharp teeth.
Rendford: “Who argues with a Dwarf holding a musket?” He lifts his musket higher.

Goblin Lead: “I see only one musket, one shot.”

Goblin: “Probably misses too.”

Ramona: <Intimidate check. She spins her blades and goes into a battle crouch. She rolls a d20+3 vs. an collective d20+1 for the Goblins for a result of: 17 vs. 4. She wins! The Goblins are a little shaken by the display.> “Now. Scamper off.”

<Does Goblin Lead press the attack? 65% = 36%. Yes!>

Goblin lead sneers. While fear is in his eye he cannot be made to look weak. He raises his blade and says: “I want her shiny's for me. The rest of their hides are yours, boys.”

Initiative Roll (Initiative will be a card draw via sides. Black beats Red. Jokers are wild, adding Advantage to any d20 roll made that round.)

For her successful Intimidate roll. PC party may draw twice and take the better of the two rolls. The results are -

JOKER, 3 Hearts
Jack Diamonds

Results: Party Draws a Joker and takes Lead with Advantage.

Goblins go on Jack of Diamonds

Ramona: Charges up to Goblin Lead with her blades out. She slashes at him with both her sword and dagger for a result of (d20+4 = 21 and d20+3 16 – Hit and Hit. Damage 1d6+1 = 7 & 1d4 = 1). Her rapier pierces through the Goblin Lead's armor and runs him through. There is a soft burble sound from his lips as he falls to his knees and slides off the blade to the ground. Her dagger slashes, cutting a portion of his cheek as he slides away.

Rendford: Rendford fires a single shot at Goblin #2 (d20+3 w/ Advantage = 15. Hit! 1D8+1 = 3 points). Rendf'ord's musket goes off with a boom! The roar of the musket catches a Goblin and knocks him back a few inches. The goblin lands on his back, twitching in death throes as smoke issues from the wound.

Taicho: Casts the spell “Scorch” which conjures three darts of fire that he throws at different targets (He tries to hit Goblin's 3, 4, & 5. The darts are d20+3 and he gains the Advantage on each roll for a result of = 18, 20, 21 against targets respectively. All three are hit and their damage totals are: 6, 6, 6> The three bolts blast from his small hand and each streak hitting the last three Goblins. Their bodies are left blackened and scorched as they drop the ground. The area falls silent.

Taicho: Frowns and says: “I didn't mean to actually destroy all three of them. They could have surrendered.”

Rendford: “They could have also let us pass Mate the first time. All of 'em were plenty ready to draw and roar with their leader.”

Ramona: “They might have also given away our position to whatever is in that manor.” She spits and says. “Probably not even any good coin among them.” She steps towards the bodies and does a basic check (d20+4 = 7. She is able to find only 1d3 coins which equals 2 silver pieces.)

Rendford: “We need to move on. Head and investigate the manor. Like Ramona said, this has probably attracted some kind of attention.”

The party moves from the scene and makes their way.


Taicho uses 2 mana points. He casts a spell on Ramona which she will not forget.

No wounds taken.

The party continues on foot towards the manor. The minutes tick on as party makes their way for the next 7 miles to the quarried ruins. At least two hours have passed by and Taicho regains his hit points. The Force Shield fades from Ramona who doesn't ask for renewal.

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