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Solo: Caves of Chaos Episode 3 - Manor Fight

The Master of the Manor is certainly OUT

Episode #3 - The Manor

The Story So Far...

The party continues from Gorman's Junction towards the quarried manor. In our last episode, the party ran into a pack of Goblins who were none friendly to the party. They had made it pretty clear they were eager to rob, and the leader in particular wanted Ramona's 'shinys' to himself. The party made short work of the Goblins, scattering them. Now the party has arrived near the grounds of the old manor.

Little remains of the stone facade of the manor proper. Scant sections remain that the party easily walks past. The once paved walkway between the rusted iron gates and the main house is overgrown in weeds and moss. Bordering the path are the distorted and vandalized statues of human men and women in various heroic poses.

Taicho: “The owner certainly enjoyed the nude human figure.”

Rendford: “Humans are a daft breed- also I don't see any Dwarven figures on these pedestals.”

Ramona sneaks ahead of the party to scout. She makes a Notice check and invokes her Keen Senses (d0+4 w/ Advantage = 18). Her eyes narrow as she sees a thin wisp of smoke further towards the courtyard of the manor. She holds up a hand and scurries back to the party.

Ramona: “Looks like someone is still here, there is still smoke in the air.”

Rendford: “Right. Let me get ready.”

Rendford lays his gun against one of the statues and draws his Greataxe he stands in the middle of the path. He taps his foot and spits to the side as he glances to either side of him. Ramona, for her part, takes cover behind a statue and crouches to make herself as small as possible. Taicho takes a cover behind a statue on the opposite side, though he does little to crouch and instead is more concerned with adequate cover.

Rendford begins tapping the ground by his feet. He makes a Strength check (d20+3) to make as much noise as possible (Natural 20!)

<Is something attracted by the noise? 85% Yes = 58%>

It doesn't take long before the clack of boots hit the ground. Emerging from underneath the arch of the manor's center are 6 Orc troops whose hands drift to hilt of their scimitars and emerging at the entrance with one shoulder leaning forward is the thick jowls and thick brow of the leader. <Rendford d20+3 = 9> A title emerges in Rendford's mind, but he is not sure what Orcs call a leader. The leader steps forward and a ways (at the Near distance) and calls.

Boss Jrooj: “Who comes before me when he's unwelcomed and unwanted.” Spits, “A dirty Dwarf is all I see.” <d20+2 = 18 – this notice check is opposed by Ramona at d20+4 (Advantage due to her crouching = 23> and Taicho d20+4 – unable to use his Sneaky trait due to not crouching. He gets a 19>

Rendford: “I'm but a weary traveler wishing to seek shelter for the night. I saw smoke inside the manor yonder and thought I'd find friendly company.” Looks between the members: “I see I'm wrong.”

Jrooj: Grins, showing his sharp teeth. “Please, forgive us Master Dwarf. Why don't you come in? Make yourself at home? We'll be happy to share a fire and break bread.”

Rendford: Shakes his head, “I'll take to the woods. Thank-you.”

Jrooj: Raises a hand and says: “I insist you experience some Orcish hospitality.” He takes a few steps towards Rendford.

Rendford: Raises his axe in a fighter's stance: “Come any closer and I'll start chopping, friend. I'll not trouble you any further, just let me be on my way.”

Jrooj: <Speaks in Orcish and points at the Dwarf> (“Don't let him escape! He'll bring word to others!”)

Rendford: “Come for me greenskin!”

Boss Jrooj
AC 13 (Mail) / HD: 2 (8) #AT 1 Falchion (d8), Dagger (d4) MV +6 ST: 13
Orc Raider
AC 13 (Mail) / HD: 1 (3) #AT 1 Scimitar (d6), Dagger (d4), Crossbow (R: Far; d8) MV: +6 ST: 14

Initiative #1

8 Clubs
9 Hearts

Orc #1 – Charges Rendford and makes an attack (d20+1 = 17). The slash hits and deals d6 damage (4 points). A wicked slash on the arm.

Orc #2 – Charges on the other side and makes a slash (d20+1 = 4). His blow is parried by the Dwarf.

Orc #3 Holds at mid-step as the melee becomes cluttered.

Orc #4 Holds with Orc #3 as he watches the three go at it.

Orc #5 draws his Crossbow and arms it. He takes aim to cover the field.

Orc #6 draws his Crossbow and let's a bolt fly at Rendford. On a 1-5 the bolt strikes a fellow Orc (d20+1 = 16. Hit!). The bolt strikes Rendford's side and deals d8 damage (5 points).

Boss Jrooj moves down slowly, drawing his Falchion casually as he gets to the range of Orc's #4 and #5

Ramona: Steps from around the statue and stalks to Orc #4 for a Sneak attack <The roll is her d20+4 vs. D20+1 for results of: 3 vs. 13>. Orc #4 turns to face her, hearing a twig snap underneath her boot. She still gets her attacks, but no special Advantages or Sneak Attack. <She rolls at d20+4 (Rapier) and d20+3 (Dagger) vs. AC 13. Result is: 20 and 9. Hit! And Miss! D6+1 = 4)

Ramona's rapier still manages to sink into the chest of Orc #4, causing him to sink to the ground. She grits her teeth as she catches Jrooj's eye with that wicked Falchion.

Rendford grits his teeth and uses his Greataxe against Orc #1 (d20+3 vs. AC 13 = 16. Hit! D8 damage = 3 points.> The Orc takes a blow to the chest that causes him to collapse.

Taicho: Takes a step and casts “Scorch” and fires three darts at three separate targets Jrooj, Orc #3, Orc #5 <He rolls at d20+3 for totals of = 21, 21, 12 or Hit, Hit, Miss. Damage results in Jrooj (3 points), Orc #3 (4 points)>

Jrooj is burned on the cheek while Orc #3 is slain with a dart to the head. Orc #5 is able to dodge to the side against the dart.

Round Results

Orcs #1, #3, & #4 are slain.

Rendford takes a total of 9 points damage.

Taicho takes -1 Mana point.
Round 2

Ace of Diamonds
2 Clubs

Rendford: slashes at Orc #2 <d20+3 vs. AC 13 = 10. Miss!> Such a slash is parried by the scimitar.

Ramona hurls a Dagger at Boss Jrooj (d20+3 vs. AC 13 = 21. Hit! She deals d4 damage = 2 points). Her dagger grazes Jrooj's neck, causing only a trickle of blood to leak from the Orc. She quick draws her second dagger in lieu of moving from her spot.

Ramona: “Taicho! This one's the Boss!” Points at Jrooj.

Taicho: Spreads his hand and conjures another Scorch spell. He throws all three of his darts at Jrooj <d20+3 vs. AC 13, three attacks = 9, 7, 6 – Misses!> Darts fly from Taicho's hand but they seem to burn around or near Boss Jrooj with no serious consequence.

Boss Jrooj: Steps towards Ramona and takes a swing at her with his falchion <d20+2 vs. AC: 12 = 20. Hit! D8 damage = 3>. His falchion skins her arm, peeling some of the leather away and causing her arm to go numb.

Orc #2: Slashes at Rendford with as scimitar <d20+1 vs. AC: 13 = 13. Hit! D6 damage = 5 points>

Orc #5: Fires his bolt at Ramona <d20+1 vs. AC: 12 = 14. Hit! D8 points = 1 point>. The bolt grazes her causing less damage and more wearing her body down.

Orc #6: Fires his bolt at Taicho <d20+1 vs. AC 10 = 11. Hit! D8 damage = 7>. Taicho let's out a squawking cry as a crossbow bolt hit's his shoulder and sticks into him. He nearly drops to his knee as pain washes over him.


Jrooj takes 2 points of damage.

Ramona: Takes 4 points of damage and uses one of her Daggers as a throw attack.

Rendford: Takes 5 points of damage and currently has 8 HP left.

Taicho: Takes 7 points and is at 10 HP. He loses a Mana Point casting Scorch.

Round 2

Jack of Spades
10 of Spades

Taicho: Limps towards Rendford and draws out a scroll. Reading it he casts Healing on the Dwarf <2d6 = 8 points>. Rendford takes a breath as energy fills his body and certain cuts are regenerated.

Ramona: Uses his Rapier (d20+4) and Dagger (d20+3) in tandem as a series of slashes and thrusts to get at Jrooj <d20+4 / d20+3 vs. AC 13 = 22 & 17 – Hits! For 6 & 3 points>. Ramona presses the attack and though Jrooj tries to crouch he is unable to truly parry as the fine pointed Rapier enters him. As he staggers forward Ramona draws the dagger across his neck, killing him.

Rendford: Makes an axe attack against Orc #2 <d20+3 vs. AC: 13 = 21! Hit! = 6 damage>. He burries his greataxe into the Orc's chest a second stroke ends the Orc who topples down.

With the Boss slain, Orcs #5 and #6 make a run back towards the manor <d20+6 Movement vs. DC 10 to retreat into the manor = 19 & 10>. They are quickly pass the arch and into what is left of the building. The manor certainly has plenty of windows and a spire with arrow slows that crossbow men could use.

Ramona: “We need to get out of here. We're all wounded and not only are they fresh they can begin firing at us before we get close.”

Rendford: “Let's take the boss with us, at least to the old wall and see if he carries anything with him.”

Taicho: “We were nearly slain in such an action...” Taicho looks down and grimaces at the bolt still in him. “How can three of us hope to make it to Port Kyna or help anywhere?”

Rendford: “No worries mate... we just need some help. Ray, help me drag this fellow.”

Ramona: “I hate to say it, not that I dislike Rendford or anything.” She looks apologetically at the Dwarf as she grabs the body: “But more I dislike sharing treasures... but Rendford might be right about hiring some people on.”


Taicho spends one Scroll to cast Healing on Rendford.

Orc #2 is slain by Rendford.

Boss Jrooj is slain by Ramona.

XP gained for the Goblin and Orc encounter: 3 XP

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