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1974 Style: The Ranger

The Ranger (A Suggested 1974 Style Class)

Brief: Rangers are scouts, woodsmen, and wardens who patrol and make sure the lands of the wild do not interfere with civilized realms. They could be under the employ of a special order, at the behest of a Kingdom, or just a select few who know they have a job to do to protect those who cannot stand against threats of the darkness.

HD: 1d6+2 per level
AB: +1 per level


Survivalist (1/day) Gains +1 to Class checks involving Stealth, Survival, Notice, Acrobatics, and Climbing in a Wilderness environment the Ranger is accustomed to. So many times per day, a Ranger can make one of these checks with the Advantage at their choice. They must invoke this talent before rolling dice.


At 1st level and every other level a Ranger selects a talent or adds another use per day with a talent or ability they already possess. A sample of which can be found below.

Explosive Shot (1/day): A ranger makes a single attack that increases the damage die to 1d10 points of damage. Others close to the target take 1 point of damage from residual explosive energy that was charged into the projectile. If the Ranger possess a weapon that deals 1d10 damage as base, the damage is increased to 2d6.

Dual Wield I: A Ranger is trained in the art of fighting with two weapons. They gain +1 AC as a shield bonus and may make an off-hand attack without a Disadvantage. The weapon must be a Light classed weapon in order to receive these benefits.

Dual Wield II: This is the same as Dual Wield I, but the class of weapon upgrades to a Normal class weapon.

Marksman (1/day): User can take a round to aim which grants them the Advantage on their next attack roll as long as they do not move or take injury during their aim cycle. So many times per day, a Marksman may make a Range attack with the Advantage as if they spent the time aiming.

Animal Companion: The character has an animal companion! This should be an animal native to the region the Ranger is operating in and can include such sample animals such as Wolves, Owls, Bears, Big Cats, Hawks, and etc. The companion begins with their base stats and every other level gains another HD.

Beast Bond (1/day): Gains +1 to Identify, Pacify, and Train wild animals. So many times per day a Ranger can make one of these class checks with the Advantage. If the Ranger has the Animal Companion talent, they can use their Beast Bond per day ability to give the animal its attack with the Advantage.

Power Attack (1/day): So many times per day a Ranger's melee attack with either a Normal or Heavy class weapon is upgraded to 1d10 points of damage. If the Ranger has a melee weapon of any sort that grants a base damage of 1d10 due to things such as a magical item, the talent increases the damage from 1d10 to 2d6 points of damage.

Links: 1974 Style (the base game this bolts stuff onto)

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