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Half-Life: A 1974 Style Campaign


A 1974 Style Campaign

Precis: Characters are either the members of the Black Mesa Research Facility when a horrible teleportation accident allows aliens to enter the facility and wreck havoc, or you are the military sent in to contain the situation before being overwhelmed themselves. You are now stuck in a sprawling, almost dungeon-like facility with few weapons, little ammo, and lots of enemies.

Races Available



Normal Vision

Skilled: If using the skills variant of 1974 Style, Humans begin with a bonus skill point. Thus a starting human gets 5 skill points instead of 4.

Extra Effort (1/day): Once per day a Human character can roll with the Advantage (roll 2d20 and take better of the rolls). This talent must be invoked before dice are rolled.

Classes Available


Brief: Before the resonance cascade, you were a member of the science team with the BMRF. You wanted to just to enjoy life with your coffee, conferences on teleportation physics, and maybe retire with a scientific award for your mantle. Now you have to survive a disaster.

HD: 1d6 per level
Attack Bonus: +1 per level
Starting Armor: Light or Medium
Starting Weapon: Light or Regular


Access (Green): Scientists often have the highest level of access to the facility. They can generally pass any powered retinal or handprint scanner without issue- though there is always chance for a problem to arise. Consult the table below if a die roll is needed.

Computer Savvy (1/day): Scientists gain +1 either as a skill or a standard class roll when making checks involving Computers & Technology. So many times per day, when using a computer or a High Tech weapon, a Scientist may roll with Advantage (roll 2d20, take better of the two rolls). Talent must be invoked before dice are rolled.


Brief: You are a member of security personnel with the BMRF. It was a cushy job- you stood and guarded doors for scientists who'd barely nod if they acknowledged you at all (with some exceptions). Now, with hell broken loose, these scientists are looking to you to work with them or protect them from aliens and soldiers.

HD: 1d6+1 per level
Attack Bonus: +1 per level
Starting Armor: Medium
Starting Weapon: Light & Regular


Access (Red): Security has access to most areas of the BMRF. Areas they were assigned to should automatically recognize their hand print or retinal scanner. Other areas should be left up to die chance whether their authorization can pass between sectors. See the table below.

Mr. Fix-it (1/day): Security also often served as maintenance personnel for the facility. They start play with a +1 to Repair & Lockpicking checks. Once per day they can make a Repair or Lockpicking roll with the Advantage (roll 2d20, take better of rolls). Talent must be invoked before dice are rolled.


Brief: You are a member of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (HECU) who are to be trained in dealing with emergencies at the experimental Black Mesa Research Facility. On the day of the incident, you were sent in to contain the assets and deal with the science staff. Detain them for questioning or executing them if unable to detain them. At this point though, even the military are overwhelmed by the xenos and you are fighting for your life along with the other survivors.

HD: 1d6+2 per level
Attack Bonus: +1 per level
Starting Armor: Medium
Starting Weapon: Regular or Heavy

Access (None): You have no official access to the BMRF. You better make friends or find a crowbar to pry every door in your way.

Ignore Pain (1/day): Soldiers are trained to push themselves a little further than their civilian and security survivors. So many times per day, Soldiers can regain 1d10 lost hit points. These points cannot go over their current maximum.

Weapon Specialization: Soldiers begin play with a +1 attack with a certain class of weapons. These can include: Melee, Pistols, SMG's, Shotguns, & Explosives. This bonus increases to +2 at 10th level and +3 at 20th.

Black Mesa Research Facility
Computer Access Table

For situations where chance might come into play (A computer file might be corrupted, guard's access might not apply in this particular sector) a GM can use the table below as a guide.

Clearance: Green
Clearance: Red
No Way
Very Unlikely
Somewhat Likely
Very Likely
Near Sure Thing
A Sure Thing
Has To Be


Range Reminder: Ranges are abstract and follow this guideline for distance: Close, Near, Far, Distant

Body Armor: AC 12 / MV: +6 Notes: Standard body armor for Black Mesa Research Personnel

(HEV) Hazardous EnVironment Suit: AC: 13 / MV: +6; S: +2 on Saving Throws made to resist energy based attacks such as radiation, chemical, fire, or electricity. Adds +1 AC when powered. Suits begin at High Power, but begin to lose power at a rate of High > Medium > Low > Unpowered when the suit is struck.

Pistol: D: 1d6; ROF: 2; Range: Near; Notes: Standard Pistol

SMG: D: 1d6; ROF: 3; Range: Near; Notes: Burst Fire (+2 Attack & Damage when used against a single target; cost is 3 bullets); Spray: Sprays an area with ammunition striking all targets for 1d6+2 damage. Targets must make a save for 1/2 damage bonuses granted for things such as cover or concealment.

Shotgun: D: 1d8/1d6; ROF: 1; Range: Close; Notes: Shotguns add +2 to Attacks and deal 1d8 to targets at close range. Target outside this range add no bonus to attacks and take only 1d6 points of damage.

Sniper Rifle: D: 1d8; ROF: 1; Range: Distant; Notes: Aim: A Sniper can take a full round of aiming. They gain +2 on their Attack the next round.

Guass Rifle: D: 1d10; ROF: 1; Range: Far; Notes: High-tech weapon; Charge-up: Taking a full round to allow the weapon to charge grants 2d6 damage instead of 1d10.

Sample Monsters

Creature: Headcrab
Starting HD: 2
AC: 13
AB: +2

Fore Claws: 1d4

Beak: 1d6

Special: Clutch: A Headcrab longs to clutch onto a hosts head and mutate them into a zombie. To do so, a Headcrab makes a single beak attack (-2 modifier) against the target. If it hits, it grapples and begins doing damage to the creature. Grapple check is a d20+level with a Headcrab receiving +2 to their grapple checks. Every round the victim fails they take 1d6 points of damage until they reach 0. They then fuse with the crab and become zombies.

Creature: Xen Zombie
Starting HD: 3
AC: 11
AB: +3

Claws or Bite: 1d6

Special: Zombies begin to regent from flesh taken by the mouth. A Xen Zombie that makes a bite attack also regenerates 1d4 lost hit points up to their maximum.

Creature: Vortigaunt
Starting HD: 2
AC: 12
AB: +2

Claws: 1d4

Shock (R: Distant; ROF: 1/2): Charges and fires a burst of electrical energy that deals 1d10 points of damage. This can only occur once every other round.

Links: 1974 Style - The Core Game

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