Monday, April 24, 2017

Savage Vehicles: The Claw, Warscorpion, & Battle Bus

The Claw
Dreaded battle station for the image conscious warlord, rogue noble, or fiendish emperor.

Brief: Considered both terrifying, and a little tacky by space dogs, 'the Claw' or 'Leviathan-Class Claw Battlestation) is a slow moving engine of destruction. The station not only supports several armaments, but also includes a squadron of fighters for support and a company strength in men for heavy security or raiding action.

The Claw
Class: Leviathan
Die Roll: Knowledge (Space Command or Battle) (Sma)
Size: 32
ACC/TS 20/200
Climb: -4
Tough: 61 (26)
Mods Remaining: 3

Notes: AI, Shields, Sensor Suite (Galactic), Sensor Suite (Planetary), Targeting Sensor, Torpedo Tubes (x5), Missile Launcher (x5), Bomb Bay (x5), Tractor Beam, Superstructure (Hanger), Superstructure (Military), Rail Gun 3 (x2), Tri-Linked Heavy Lasers (x2), Dual-Linked M. Laser (x2), Superstructure (Bulk Cargo), FTL

Warscorpion Pre-Op
This beast is modified with a combination of mind-control circuitry, armor, and armaments for wasteland warlords.

Brief: As any post-apocalyptic survivor will tell you, rad scorpions are a bitch. They are large, hostile beasts whose claws and stingers can slash and pierce through rugged combat armor. Even worst, deranged and enterprising warlords have blended tech with these beasts to make a new breed of living weapon.

In addition to the formidable rad scorpion, warlords have figured a way to create bio-electronics that are plugged into the scorpion's nervous system to give the rider control. The rider also controls a gatling laser mounted to the scorpion's back.

Class: Living Mount
Roll: Riding
Attributes: Agi d6, Sma d4 (A), Spi d8, Str d12+5, Vig d10
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d10, Notice d8
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Tough: 19 (6) Size:  6
Edges: Frenzy

Armor: +3 is natural shell, +3 is armored plating.

Attacks (Scorpion) Claws: Str+d6 / Stinger (-2 due to equipment blockage) Str+d8 S: Poison: Roll on Wound. Initial damage is a Vigor roll or become exhausted. The next round it is Vigor save (-2 due to exhaustion) or die in 2d6 minutes- unless anti-toxin is administered via a Health roll and a medkit)

Gatling Laser (50/100/200) 3d6+4; ROF: 4; Shots: 800; S: AP 2, No-Recoil but subject to unstable paltform (-2), controlled by rider.

Battle Bus
School's out forever...

Brief: These buses, once used for public transportation are now being used as troops transport and heavy weapon transports. The model below uses a quad-linked machine gun as its weapon of choice, but this can be switched for other implements of destruction.

Class: Large
Roll: Driving
Size: 5
ACC/TS: 8/16
Tough: 19 (8)

Quad-Linked Machine Gun (50/100/200): D: 2d10+3 RoF: 3 AP: 4 S: +3 Attack, HW

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