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Savage Worlds - Dracka


A Savage Worlds Race

Brief: Dracka are said to be one of the two servitor races created in the image of the oldest creature of the Realm, Dragons. Unlike their cousins, the Kobold, Dracka are a man-sized reptilians with elongated heads, sharp eyes, and scales that represent the flight they were created. In present day, Dracka, like the Kobold, have bred and formed their something of their own culture based on pride, strength and strength.


Darkvision - Can see in total darkness, albeit in a greyscale environment.

Scales: Gain +2 Armor (can be negated by AP weaponry)

Elemental Background: Dracka typically suffer -4 to Cold based spells or effects. The opposite holds true for Dracka born under the sign of frost (such as white or silver scaled Dracka) instead they take a -4 to Fire based spells or effects. Dracka also gain +4 Elemental resistance depending on the energy associated with their flight. i.e. Red-scaled fire Dracka gain a +4 to resist fire based spells and effects.

Distinctive Appearance: Dracka suffer from a form 'Outsider' in that they have a distinctive look that is difficult to hide. They suffer a -4 on disguise-based checks. This may not be a problem in accepting communities, but can prove to be a hazard in lands unfriendly to Dracka. Dracka under the effects of an illusion spell do not suffer this penalty.

Honorable Mien: Dracka are brought up with some form of code of conduct that they are loathe to break. All Dracka start play with the Code of Honor hindrance.

Strong: Begins play with d6 Strength.

New Racial Edge

Breath Weapon
Prerequisites: D6 Vigor, Dracka

Brief: Contrary to popular belief, not all Dracka breathe an energy type. Dracka who takes this Edge gains 5 Power Points and the 'Burst' power. The energy of the Burst is based on the scale/energy that the Dracka has selected at the start of play. These Power Points are exclusive to this power and do not mix in with other power points if the Dracka selects an Arcane Power.

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