Monday, April 17, 2017

Scarabae: The Empress, The Emperor, & The Hierophant

This a continuation of the post I made last week involving the Powers of Scarabae. Specifically dealing with how they are worshiped, what effect they might have on Scarabae rather than information on them directly.

The Empress
Lifebinder, the Protector of Children, Garden Maiden

-The Empress' holy symbol is associated with femininity, life, and protection. Even male Priests associated with this power wear her holy symbol.

-Her temples are typically found in the parks and groves that dot Scarabae and along the western frontier. Her temples attract both druids, who see her as the Goddess among the powers, priests who wish to perfect the arts of healing, and pregnant women. The Empress encourages her female clerics to serve as midwives for those who bring life to the world.

-Her protectors are typically martially trained clerics who specialize in protection magic. The Ardent Palm are a group of monks who are devoted to protecting Empress' temples and going on pilgrimages at her command.

The Emperor
Old Grey Beard, The Crownless King

-Many of the Emperor's temples were lost during the foundation war that saw Scarabae transform from a principality to a free city-state. The Imperial Ecclesiarchy was one of the few Churches to actively side with the state during the struggle and has since paid.

-Emperor churches are known for their grey temples and statues depicting the great kings of the realm. There are also temples the Emperor share with the Hierophant that combine the ostentatious look of the Hierophant with the veneration of royalty as the Emperor prefers.

-Clerics, Fighters, & Paladins are found among the ranks of the Emperor. They offer healing, counseling, and protection. They have an interest in inserting their faithful into Royal house as guards or healers to better lead other leaders. In the case of Scarabae, the Emperor's agents have moved to influence self-made merchant princes and mercenary captains rather than direct influence of the state.

The Hierophant
The High Priest, the Truest Way to the Light

-The Hierophant and the temples associated with the Hierophant make little secret of standing with their power. No small shrines or meeting in public places to discuss the nature of this power. The Hierophant boasts grandest of temples of stone and stained glass. Colonnades with supporting arches serve as walkways as grant vaults echo chants and organs of those faithful to the Hierophant.

-The Stained Glass depicts brothers and sisters of various races who have been martyred fighting for the cause of the Light that the Hierophant represents. Other images depicted also include the Hierophant's personal fighting with his sworn enemy - the Devil.

-Rumors of far off lands where the Hierophant conducts inquisitions to find agents of the Devil have lead to city-wide decrees against such work in Scarabae. For the time being, the Hierophant has kept their Paladins and Inquisitors checked, working to keep the Devil's corruption out of the church and less about expunging the influence from the local populace.

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