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Star Wars: A 1974 Style Campaign - Part 2 (Human to Lepi)

Part one covered the majority of what a 1974 Style player might want to run. This next part is an added bonus for those who like a separation between race and class. While the core '1974 Style' rules note a race should only gain 1 skill, I continue to be a little more elaborate. So! Let's look at some race.

The format I following is typically: 1 to 2 abilities, 1 +1 to a Skill.


Brief: Common race to the galaxy. They come in all shapes and sizes.


Extra Effort (1/day): Can choose a d20 roll of their choice to roll with the Advantage (roll 2d20 and take the better of the two rolls). They must declare use in this talent before dice are rolled.

Skill Bonus: +1 to a Skill of their choice from a list presented by the GM or with player collaboration. It can stack with other skill bonuses they receive from their class.


Brief: Humanoids with an extensive cranium.


Quick Reaction: Cereans gain either one of the following depending on how Initiative rolls work.

Individual Die Rolls: They gain a +1 to their Initiative.

Group d6 Die Rolls: They gain a separate initiative roll with a +1 bonus.

Card-based Initiative Draw: They draw two cards and take the better of the two.

Skill Bonus: +1 Notice


Brief: A grey-skinned race that are known for being pilots and spacefarers.


Spacer (1/day): Duros are experts at piloting and maneuvering and low gravity. When rolling a d20 in one of these environments (such as piloting a ship or fighting in a low gravity area). They gain a +1 to these actions at GM's discretion. So many times per day they can make one of theses rolls with the Advantage.

Skill Bonus: +1 to Pilot & +1 Repair.


Brief: The primitive ursine-like creatures of the Endor system.


Small: +1 AC and a +1 to Stealth checks due to their small stature that makes them ideal for hiding. They can also gain the Advantage on actions such as Stealth or squeezing into small spaces, but they take the Disadvantage when making tests involving feats of Strength such as pulling or dragging heavy objects. Their brawling damage is 1d3 instead of 1d4.

Skill Bonus: +1 Notice & +1 Survival


Brief: Green skinned porcine-humanoids that are common to hostile worlds. They make a living as soldiers and guards.


Resilient (1/day): A Gamorrean rolls d6+3 instead of d6+2 for their hit die. So many times per day a Gamorrean can shake off wounds that would normally kill most humanoids. By spending their talent they gain d8 hit points up to their current total hit points.

Save Bonus: +2 vs. Fortitude based effects such as poison or disease.


Brief: Ithorian are also known as Hammerheads and are a tan to brown fleshed xeno race that enjoy the beauty and comfort of forests over other environments.


Sonic Boom! (1/Day; R: Close, Cone; D: 1d4 rounds; S: Negates): Ithorian can channel waves of sonic energy into a sonic attack that stuns targets. Targets within the cone make a Saving Throw to negate. Targets that fail save are stunned for 1d4 rounds. Stunned targets take a -2 to AC and cannot take other objects except sway and clutch their heads.

Skill Bonus: +1 Lore (Nature) & +1 Survival

Kel Dor

Brief: Kel Dor are xenos from a planet that is considered very toxic to most races. Outside of their planet, Dorin, they are known for wearing goggles and masks.


Low Light Vision - Kel Dor using their goggles can see in low light conditions without issue.

Mask: The Mask is both a boon and a hindrance. It is a boon that both goggles and mask filter allow the Kel Dor to breath, even in environments that are harmful to almost anyone else- such as an area where the room might be poisoned, a Kel Dor can still operate.

A Kel Dor who has a damaged mask and goggles that are not on their home environment becomes blind and must hold their breath until they get a new source. They can hold their breath based on level with the chart below:


A Kel Dor who has a chance to take an extra breath can roll their hold breath dice with the Advantage (for example: A 6th level Kel Dor can hold their breath for d6 rounds before encountering problems. If they have a moment to take a breath, they roll 2d6 and take the better of the two rolls).

Skill Bonus: +1 Notice & +1 Intimidate


Brief: Lepi are Leporidae-humanoid hybrid. They are space rabbits.


Kick (1/day): Lepi combine powerful leg muscles to make a Kick attack. They gain a +1 to Natural Attack rolls when they utilize their kicking ability and deal 1d4 damage. So many times per day a Lepi can make a super kick which deals 2d4 points of damage to a target.

Skill Bonus: +2 Athletics

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