Wednesday, April 5, 2017

True20: Ursine, Kitsune, & Tengu

Name: Ursine
Subtype: Panda
Size: Medium
Brief: Ursines is a catchall for ursine-humanoids, otherwise known as a cross between men and bears. They typically dwell in far off-islands which they share with Kitsune and Tengu, typically as second most dominant humanoid and true dominance if Easterner humanoids do not exist at all. Their fur is a mix of a darker color and white, with the darker coloring being shades of black, red, or brown. They have bulky figures, but make for hard hitting martial artists.


+1 Constitution, -1 Agility
Bonus Feat: Talented (Acrobatics & Jump), Bonus Feat: Night Vision, Bonus Feat: Tough
Favored Feats: Stunning Attack & Chokehold

Name: Kitsune
Size: Medium
Brief: Kitsune are vulpine-humanoids who live in the same island/eastern region as Ursine-Panda and Easterners. They are known as tricksters, with a talent for shape shifting from their original fox forms into that of attractive, almost feyish looking humans. Kitsune fur colors range in shades of red, orange, and light brown with a touch of white typically in the ears, the tail end, and the center of their coats. Kitsune spellcasters are known for having multiple tails.


-1 Str, +1 Dex

Bonus Feat: Night Vision, Natural Weapon (+1 Damage), Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (+3 Acrobatics)

Bonus Power: Self-Shape (Special): This version of Self-shape is special. Kitsune can make cosmetic changes to assume a specific form of a humanoid. At character creation they decide the features (is the form male or female, hair color, etc.) Once the form is chosen it stays permanent to the Kitsune. They gain +10 Disguise checks. Fatigue Save is DC 10.

Favored Feats: Fascinated & Defensive Roll

Name: Tengu
Size: Medium
Brief: Tengu are also known as 'Ravenfolk' and are typically a isolated people from the greater eastern society. They are known for black feathery bodies with black or yellow colored beak and hands and black or dark brown eyes. Tengu are known for a connection with the occult, with several leaders in their caste being either arcane or religious in origin- such as Shigeno, the Tengu title for their clan oracle.


+1 Wisdom, -1 Constitution
Bonus Feat: Talented (Notice & Stealth), Bonus Feat: Nightvision, Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Language), Natural Attack (Peck): +1 Damage
Favored Power: Second Sight

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