Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Apocalypse Avenue: Equipment from the Avenue

In this post I talk a little about some equipment that we made up for my Savage Worlds game: 'Apocalypse Avenue'. So! Let's take a look!

M41-B Pulse Rifle
Range: 24/48/96
Damage: 2d8+1
ROF: 4
AP: 3
Loading System: 200-round drum.
Special: FA, 3RB
Weight: 15 lbs.

Brief: Combining elements of the M41-A Slugthrower Assault Rifle and the M-55 Light Machine Gun is the M41-B. It's 10mm anti-personnel caseless rounds are what give it the extra stopping power. The weapon also sacrifices attachments such as the grenade launcher for rapid fire.

Reflex Scope

This attachment can be fitted on top of a weapon to give a character extra accuracy in short or medium range. For ease of use, the scope is designed for various 'class' of weapons. Such as, a pistol scope can be fitted on various slugthrower, laser, blaster, or plasma pistols while the longarm or rifle model can be fitted onto various types of longarm of rifle weaponry.

Effects: At short of medium range this weapon adds +1 to Shooting rolls.

 Laser Sight

This tactical laser sight can be set onto various weapons giving the character better accuracy at the cost of stealth.

Game Effects: Weapon gains +1 to Shooting rounds but suffers -1 to Stealth rolls. The light is small, but is possible to be seen by a careful sentry.

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