Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Around the Horn: Clayburn Rook, Cyberpunk Catfolk

Clayburn 'Clay' Rook
Brief: Clayburn or Clay is a genetically modified individual in a world where animal-humanoid hybrids are readily available. He is a member of counter-terrorism that deals in illegal cloning operations, genetic terrorists, and individuals with 'enhanced abilities' that regular units might be ill equipped to deal with. While he is a decorated agent, he is treated with stigma by his fellow members.

Around the Horn!

Wired Neon Cities

Clayburn Rook
3rd level Gunner

Brawn: +3
Nimble: +4
Mind: +4
Person: +5
Hit Points: 7 / 9 (with armor)


Claws (Feline): Is always considered armed due to reinforced retractable claws.

Scamper (1/day): Bonus on Tests involving movement. Once per day, a Feline-unit can take two move actions and one standard action.

Combat Machine (2): Gain extra attacks up to 1/2 level rounded up.


Eagle Eye (1/combat): +2 to a Ranged Attack
Night Vision: Can see in total Darkness
Thermal Vision: Can see heat signatures, even through walls.


Armor, Pistol, Assault Rifle (ROF: 2; Burst: 3 per day - +1 Attack and +1 Damage, reduce Burst to 0. At 0 Bursts, gun can only make simple attacks), Commlink, Badge, Grenade x3 (1 Damage to initial target; Other targets may make a Nimble test (-1) to avoid damage.)


Name: Clayburn Rook

Body: 14
Brain: 12
Nerve: 8

HP: 15

Job: Soldier 14
Gimmick: Cybernetic Eye 12
Weakness: Social Stigma 12

Skills: Martial Arts: +1, Gunplay: +2, Athletics: +3

Equipment: Armor (DR: 3); Assault Rifle (DB: +7; Ammo: 4; Automatic Fire), Pistol (DB: +3; Ammo: 10), I.D. Badge.

1974 Style

Name: Clayburn
Class/Level: Soldier ( 3 )
Hit Points: 21; AC: 12 (Body Armor); Move: 6; Attack Bonus: +3

Claws: 1d4, Pistol: 1d6, Rifle: 1d8

Cybernetic Eye (1/day): +1 Notice based checks due to augmented eye. This includes peering through walls due to thermal vision. Once per day this check can be rolled with the Advantage.

Mini Six

Name: Clayburn Rook

Body: 3D
Agility: 4D
Wit: 3D
Charm: 2D

Skills: Brawl: 4D, Pistol: 5D, Longarm: 5D, Athletics: 5D, Search: 4D
Defenses: Block: 12 / Parry: 9 / Dodge: 12 / Tough: 15 (6)

Perks: Natural Attack (Light) / Complication: Social Stigma

Claws: Attack: 4D+3 / Damage: 3D+3

Assault Rifle: 5D; R: Far; Ammo: 4; Burst: Target takes a -6 Dodge Penalty and takes a bonus 2D damage. Ammo is reduced by -1. At 0 Ammo weapon can no longer burst fire.

Pistol: 4D; R: Near

Cybernetics: Enhanced Senses: +1D on Search checks; Thermal Vision (Can see heat signatures, including through surfaces such as walls. Does not pass through lead).


(Subjective Creation)


Strength: Great
Agility: Great
Health: Good
IQ: Good
Will: Fair
Perception: Good (w/ Equipment: Great)


Athletics: Great
Combat (Brawl): Good (W/ Equipment: Great)
Combat (Pistol): Good (w/ Equipment: Great)
Combat (Rifle): Great (w/ Equipment: Superb)
Throwing: Good
Persuade: Mediocre
Intimidate: Good
Drive: Good
Stealth: Great
Knowledge (Politics): Fair

Gifts: Augmented Eye (+1 to Ranged-based Attacks, Perception, and the ability to see thermal signatures)

Complications: Social Stigma (Disliked by general populace, influenced by corporation that created him).

DDR: 1; with Combat Armor: 5 (1 +4 with Armor)

DB: Claw: +3 (Strength with +1 from Claws); Pistol: +3 (R: Near), Assault Rifle: +4 (R: Far), Grenades x3 +7 (Fragmentation: Good, Range: Thrown)


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