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Around the Horn: Giff


General Briefing: Giff are a race of humanoid-hippopotamidae from the reaches of Wildspace. Thir tough flesh is known for its shades of grey or brown to the more exotic shades of light or dark blue. Rumors abound to whether or not Giff truly know where their homeworld it is. It is believed they originated from a jungle world but as Giff colonies began to expand across the planets and the celestial spheres that float in the vastness of the phlogiston, the exact coordinates of the homeworld became lost. Giff are respected soldiers, gunsmiths, and cannonwrights. They get along with the community of Wildspace and when not on colony defense, Giff sell their services as mercenary troops. It is said that Giff never fight Giff and benefactors are advised not to face Giff off against each other as the two armies will get drunk together, one might either quit the field, or they might switch sides. Employers are so advised.

Stats (by System)

1974 Style

Darkvision / +1 Repair skill.

Savage Worlds

Strong: Begins play with D6 Strength
Low Light Vision - Ignores penalties due to light.
Headbutt: Natural attack that deals Str+d6
Tough Flesh: +2 Natural Armor (can be negated by AP)
Size: +1 Size bonus.

Dull: Giff have a wisdom about them that helps them live their day to day lives, but a combination of lack of interest and a difficulty with attention often makes them slow witted. They begin play with 'Clueless' Edge and require 2 points to raise Smarts at character creation. The Clueless Hindrance can be bought off during the campaign with a advance as this particularly Giff devotes his time to learning and higher paths of thought.

Odd Anatomy: Due to a combination of size and bulk, Giff have an odd anatomy that plays hell on their gear. Gear such as armor and clothing outside of material the Giff buys at character creation costs 50% more than retail price either in the book or as given by the GM. General merchants will not purchase Giff products without a discount incentive. A Giff can expect only 25% of value instead of 50% to most merchants they work with.

Distinctive Appearance: This is a version of Outsider. While Giff do not always take penalties in social situations, they do stand out for description and inspection.


Size Scale: +2
IQ: -1
Headbutt: ODF: +0
DDF: +1 (Leathery Skin)

Gifts: Darkvision / Faults: Distinctive Appearance, Dull Mind (Giff must spend more on Knowledge based skills due to requiring extra time and study to master these skills).

Swords & Wizardry

Preferred Classes: Fighter, Cleric

-Armor Costs More: +50% standard price and sells for less: 25% of typical merchant's offer.
-Headbutt: deals 1d6+Strength damage.
Saving Throw Adjustment: +2 vs. Poison; Hit Point Adjustment: +1 Hit Point along with whatever is rolled. At max-hit point, a Giff gains a bonus +1 hit point every other level.

Mini Six

Starting Attribute Dice: 12D
Starting Skill Dice: 5D

Might: 2D+1 - 5D+2
Agility: 1D - 4D
Wit: 1D - 3D
Charm: 1D - 3D

Perks: Natural Weapon (Headbutt): +3 Brawl and +3 Damage when making a Brawling attack using a Headbutt. / Natural Armor, Light: Leathery skin adds +3 to Soak.

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