Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Breachworld Spotlight: Erma McSorley - Combat Medic

Erma McSorley in full combat gear.

Erma McSorley
0 XP Human

Might: 2D

Agility: 3D+1

Wit: 3D+1

Charm: 3D+1

Skills: Medicine 5D+2, Handguns 4D+2, Botany (Science Specialty) 6D+1, Survival (Desert) 6D+1

Perks: Direction Sense (Pg. 59 - Breachworld Core Book)

Traits: Block: 6; Parry: 6; Dodge: 10; Soak: 11 (Armor: 5)

Equipment: Medkit (+1 Healing Rolls; Includes equipment to treat characters in the field), Falcon .45 Pistol (15 rounds; 5D Damage; 30/65/100 ft.); Sparrow SMG (30 rounds; 3D+2; 65/130/200 ft.; S: Automatic: Uses 10 rounds and can either spray one target for -6 TN and +2D damage or spray an area for -6 TN but no bonus damage). Light Combat Armor (Soak 5)

-Erma McSorley has grown up to become a combat medic within a mercenary group operating in what was once the Nevada-New Mexico area of the desert. She, like other members of her unit, prides herself on being a professional. Her organization even sports salvaged combat armor and quite a few pieces of golden age tech (including slugthrowers and direct energy weapons).

-She is kind, but holds new people at arms length until she gets comfortable with them. If asked, she admits she has looked into the eyes of too many wounded or dying rookies to get really comfortable with the new types until at least a month or a few missions in.

-Her organization operates small units that provide protection along the 'trade stretch' a series of somewhat maintained highways that allow cargo trucks to pass through the city-states. The particular stretch of highway she patrols is in the Nevada region between the famous Vegas Breach and the infamous 'Dreamland Breach'.

-As of late, lights have begun to flash again over Dreamland. Vehicles have gone missing between the dark passes that are under the watch of her unit. It is only a matter of time before she and her fellow troopers have to venture to Dreamland and try to close the breach for good.


Mini Six - Core Rules

Breachworld - Jason Richard's Setting.

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