Monday, May 15, 2017

D4 Table: Cyberpunk Security

Sphinx LLC: Net Security. Writes intrusion countermeasure electronics (ICE) for corporations to dissuade deckers from breaking into a company. Sensitive information may require a Sphinx decker to be present, which often leads to internet duels. Sphinx deckers avatars are typically Egyptian-Mythological theme, this includes: sphinxes, manticores, chimeras, and mummies.
Knighthood: Hard Armor – Power Armor security. These men and women are trained to defend corporate sites from paramilitary raids by either other corporations or militant criminals. They are known to use titles including Squire (junior members), Knight-Brother or Knight-Sister (full member) and Knight Commander (leadership).
Panther Security: Urban private security that protects upscale neighborhoods from 'the other'. Panther Security also offers premier investigation services for their clients. It is not unheard of that some missing piece of jewelry leads to some messed up mystery involving the rich and powerful. Works closely with private police forces, such as Red Coast Security.
Turing Police: Security that monitors, brakes, and eliminates AI. They are one of the few security units that are technically have jurisdiction to investigate any corporation suspected of developing 'Unbraked AI'. Answers to the Corporate Council and the U.N.

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