Thursday, May 18, 2017

D6 Breachworld: Enemies

Breachworld, of course, is a wild and woolly world where the local hole in space-time spews out aliens, monsters, or just a whole lot of trouble. Below is a brief of 6 factions to serve as enemies for our warriors or the post-fall.

Faction Name
Blackquill Raiders
An especially hostile tribe of Reptilian Raiders living in humid/swampy areas of the world. Their signature weapon is derived from a breach animal's venom known as the Juptier's Frog, which they lace their arrows and darts with. This venom is paralytic and has lead a number of people to serve as slaves to the Raiders. The Raiders then use these unfortunate souls to maintain the tech they capture.
The Family of Stars
A 'family' of sorts of Epics who live in temperate climates in what appears to be a welcoming mansion for refugees. It turns out the family is interested in capturing beings that they believe have high concentration and draining them. Their version of 'Death Touch' is less disruption of aether, but a literal drain that slays the target and empowers the caster.
Company Black
Based out of Fort Knox, Kentucky. The original security company that protected the gold deposits have grown into a powerful, totalitarian state that uses it's vast gold deposits to bribe and coerce other communities to accept their protection. While they do not see to eliminate sentient aliens, it is clear through their 'purity' laws that aliens are second class citizens. 'The Black' are also very protective of their secret sites and will shoot on site.
The Fallen
A rogue cult of Eye Priests viewed as the most heretical among the Holy. The Fallen preach that the Light is false and that one's true purpose is to acquire worldly pleasures. To that end, the Fallen offer a combination of tech and chemicals to their follows. They command to go forth, pillage, bring back slaves for them to psychically manipulate and turn to their followers. Holy Ones they command to be slain on sight and both the Fallen and the Holy are known to set aside any personal code to battle.
The Morning Star
The Morning Star is a clan that serves an Elder who calls himself 'the Morning Star'. Having set himself up as the Prince of the Lakes, the Morning Star has commanded that all communities must pay homage to him as guardian. His armies include specially controlled forms of Machine Men and are lead by his 'disciples' – Powerful Epics who have swore allegiance to him.
Talon Corporation
A powerful Pre-Fall weapon's manufacturer now known to survive in their arcologies in 'Darkest Canada!' The Talon Corporation continues as a corporate state that is known to capture breach creatures and sentient aliens. The former to try and weaponize, the latter to coerce in sharing their technology. Their recent success is finally replicating the 'Hellfire' energy of the Demonkin rifle.


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