Thursday, May 4, 2017

D6 Table: Megacorporations

Pyramid Energy Logo

Carthago Bio-Tech
Genetic manipulators known for creating the 'Wendell II' a full-grown African Elephant which was the size of a house cat. Has a large stake in cloning and gene engineering. They are either working towards or have broken the ability to blend humanity with animal. Also known for creating 'smart dogs' guard dogs genetically program to respond to master commands via voice-activated computers.
Colonial Arms
Weapons manufacture based in the United States. They specialize in ballistic and explosive weapons. Known for a overbearing, patriotic style despite the general vanishing of nation-states and the rise of corporations. Remember baseball and apple pie? Well Colonial Arms remembers them too. They also remember the freedom of owning anti-personnel ammunition. So when you think the good old days, think Colonial Arms.
Lemuria Ltd.
An aquaculture-hydroponic food corporation that specializes in harvesting kelp and turning it into a bland, but edible food. They also deal in the creation of commercial and military submersibles and have established undersea colonies. Headquarters is in the Indian Ocean.
Redcoast Security
Private security and police unit that contract out to city-states to provide minimal protection and investigation. While Redcoast's main employees are Gunners, they do maintain a company of 'Red Samurai' – specially trained Cyberblades for private security of VIP's.
Credit and banking firm that introduced 'the Bit' as international currency. They maintain international stock, credit lines, and savings for other corporations as well as individuals. They are the largest employer of Hackers who serve as their first line of defense against information theft or credit intrusion.
Pyramid Energy
A joint venture of energy concerns, space travel, and direct energy weaponry. The first two are linked as Pyramid is one of the leading factors in Microwave technology- beaming energy from space into a special collection point which in turn powers an area. Energy weapons are a byproduct of their research in direct energy transference.

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