Thursday, May 11, 2017

D6 Table: Mercenaries in Space

Kind of... sort of... like these guys.

Alex Thorn
Human Smuggler; Thorn is a 'transport' specialist known to smuggle cargo and passengers across intergalactic space via blackmarket cloaking devices, bribes, and connections to criminal gangs on various fringe worlds. He charges credits or precious stones, which he keeps in the curio of his private room.
Croatan 'Crow' Dare
Human-Cyborg Hunter; Croatan is a part-time bounty hunter and guide on a number of hostile worlds. He is a veteran of a previous conflict and remains bitter to what appeared to be the callousness of his superiors to regular troops. His bravery in a battle cost him much of his body, but gained him cybernetic implants courtesy of the government he works for. Cut loose from his benefactors he is older, tired, and needing money to keep his implants repaired so they don't beep at him at night. They disturb his sleep.
Jagger Frel
Saurian Bodyguard; Jagger is a former professional soldier who has grown bored of the Long Peace that holds sway in his part of the galaxy. His system lacking any rebellions or wars to fight and offering only routine drills caused him to leave his native military to serve as a private security consultant. He prefers bodyguard work, but can also serve as a hired gun for legally sanctioned mercenary work if the credits are right.
Tal'Shi O
Zetan Psionicist; Tal'shi is a Zetan (or Grey) whose natural psionic powers have been upgraded via cybernetic modification to be at an advanced level. When not working as a mercenary she typically moonlights for security services as a living lie detector. Unfortunately, being someone who can accidentally read thoughts of people- even when she doesn't mean too, leaves her sometimes without friends. She consoles herself by making friends with AI controlled robots and her pets.
Drego Dorn
Hochar Grenadier; Drego, the Hochar- a porcine-humanoid covered in red fur and a large snout, is a veteran of the same kind of wars that scarred Croatan. A boar who relishes the fight, Drego continues his previous occupation with a grenade launcher in his hand, grenades on his bandolier, and a vibro-knife or laser pistol when things get too close. He has a few scars on his thick cheeks and a broken tusk, objects of attraction among the aggressive Hochar.
Sondra Maybrush
Lupine Techie; A canine-humanoid, one might think to merely pat the xeno that looks like a bipedal border collie. Sondra would just roll her eyes at some a presumption, being an accomplished combat techie with a minor in ship engineering. She doesn't mind if her husband, Milo pets her though. Sondra typically works along the snowspin drift, a series of cold planets in civil space- hiring her requires they take on Milo who is a trained pilot (usually co-pilot), gunner, and crewmember.

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