Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Location/Plot Table: Barrier Peaks, Colorado

A Simpler Time
Conspectus: Before the fall, Barrier Peaks was a resort town in the Rockies that was a combination of high class mixed with what was thought as a charming, quaint look. Ride the slopes! Visit those little corner stores that might have had touch screen registers, but still sold handmade knick-knacks and jewelry mined from the mountain.

Now the world is plunged into chaos from some kind of fall. What is left now?

Since the fall... the rich continued to thrive due to remote location and in the bubble economy people still accepted their money. Now Barrier Peaks has become a fortress that sends out raids to extort food or even slaves for the descendants of the rich from these towns. Someone has to go in and stop it.
Since the fall... the town has been buried by a major avalanche and little is known. There is a lot of pre-fall tech buried in that snow, but something could have always survived.
Since the fall... The party have found this grand prize of a pre-fall city that is either abandoned, or lightly populated with a few friendly NPC's. What steps do they take to fortify it? What if the NPC's turn out not to be so friendly?
Since the fall... The rich and powerful have descended to becoming the masters. The players the descendants of townsfolk who have become slaves. Time to get your rebellion on before you die in shackles.
Since the fall... It turns out a hidden silo was built beneath or near the town with an unused warhead. The party has to rush to capture it before another group try to get their way inside and capture one of the deadliest weapons of a post fall world.
Since the fall... Mutated bovine-humanoids, also known as Minotaur, have begun to raid and extort communities for goods. The parties our either locals who are fed up or outsiders brought in as hired guns to defend the town.
Since the fall... a large, mutated predator now stalks the outskirts of the town and have slowed down trade. The party has to go in. It becomes a case of man versus beast.
Since the fall... a heavy snow begins to fall on the world. Soon, the pass will be cut-off and the question rises. Does the party try to go out, brave the wilds to get enough supplies to last the storm? Or do they try to abandon the town?
Since the fall... an extra-dimensional gate is opened or has been use in town. Now that stuff is pouring out of it, the party has to battle through the streets to contain it or shut it down.
Since the fall... strange lights have been seen over the town. A fiery explosion triggers a mini avalanche that raises alarm, and lights occasionally shimmer from high on the mountain. Looks like a party is needed to investigate what landed.

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