Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Savage Worlds: Gandling, or the Wizard Who Became an Owlbear

Wizard turned to Owlbear

Attributes: Agi d6, Sma d8, Spi d8, Str d12+3, Vig d12
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Know (Arcana) d10, Notice d8, Spellcasting d8,  Survival d6, Swimming d6
Traits: Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Tough: 10
Edges: Spellcasting, Power Points, Rapid Recharge, New Power
Hindrances: Vengeful (Minor), Monstrous Appearance, Bloodlust
Mana: 15
Spells: Boost/Lower Trait (Bear's Endurance (Vigor), Bull's Strength (Strength), Fighter's Chow (Fighting) or Touch of Weakness (Lower Strength), Touch of Sickness (Lower Vigor), Armor (Ironfeather), Stun (Stunning Caw!), Dispel (Mark of the Owlbear)

-Gandling was once a Human magician who found his form weak and dull. He craved for new sensations, but felt he lacked what he thought was the perfect form to explore the lands around his city-state without being accosted by creatures or ruffians. Mastering transmogrification rituals he changed himself into an Owlbear.

-Was driven from his city due to his monstrous appearance. Gandling retreated to the forest and setup a new home in what was at the time a cave occupied by a pack of wolves. Gandling found to his satisfaction that he received all the gifts of his new form- unfortunately he was also cursed with a newfound Bloodlust.

-As an Ally: Gandling lives in the large forested area and can be hired as a guide. He dislikes getting money as he has little use for it, but baubles, magical items, or pieces of art might catch his fancy.

-As an Enemy: Gandling has allowed his Bloodlust to overtake him and he has begun to stalk, attack, and devour humans who have strayed into his realm. A party has been formed to hunt and stop the Mage- but it must take some brave or foolish individuals to hunt an Owlbear who casts spells.

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