Monday, May 15, 2017

Savage Worlds: The Gruff

Brief: Gruffs are a species of capra-humanoids known for their heads resembling that of goats or rams. They are hirsute humanoids with fur ranging in shades of brown, red, grey, and white with a pair of horns that adorn their head. Gruffs can be territorial, especially towards outsider Gruffs who are not part of their kin. If a question of dominance is at stake, two Gruff will fight using their horns. Female Gruffs at times have horns, though their horns are smaller.

Gruff share the following characteristics

Tough: Gruffs begin with d6 Vigor

Horns: Gruffs receive a horn attack that deals Strength + d6

Stubborn: Gruffs have a streak that can make them argumentative. They begin with the Stubborn hindrance.

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