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Savage Worlds: Rastipede and Xixchil

Probably the race that strained my brain the most are the following two. A lot of the 'traits' that appeared in the original write-up had to be axed. So instead, these traits are attempting to capture the spirit of the race instead of down to every last detail. To help fully realize the character I shall include a few edge suggestions.


Brief: Rastipedes are a race of insectoids who often serve as merchants or mercenaries in either the far reaches of fantastical wildspace or in the space stations of science-fiction. They are known for their wide figures and sharp claws. Their chitinous plates range from shades of green to shades of blue or purple.

In Spelljammer: Rastipedes are merchants and guardsmen who deal in magical items or serve to protect Arcane who sell the powerful Jammer Helms to customers. Rastipedes are odd looking, but loyal and hardworking.

In Scarabae: Rastipedes hail from the southern jungles, peddling spice and arcane onyx. Out in the frontier, Rastipede's have been able to establish peaceful contact with the Ghostwise Halflings. It is not perfect contact, and quite a few Rastipede's have been attacked by the wild Halflings, but they are the best bet to meet with certain Ghostwise packs.

In JumpGate: Rastipedes are one of the three races of the Insectoid Union of Spheres (IUS). Between the cold surgeons of the Xixchil and the scientific schemes of the Mantids, the Rastipede's are typically left to manage military matters within the Union.


Strong Back: Rastipede's quadruped form help give it extra lifting power. They begin play with the 'Brawny' edge.

Darkvision: Rastipede have Darkvision that allows them to ignore penalties due to luminosity.

Claws: Their claws deal str+d6 damage.

Low Agility: While their chitinous flesh is soft, there is still a level of rigidness in their bone structure that makes delicate tasks difficult in early life. A Rastipede requires 2 points to raise Agility at character creation.

Edge Suggestions: Fleet of Foot (Rastipedes learn how to make all of their legs move quick for them, increasing their speed).

New Racial Edges

Acid Spittle
Requirements: Rastipede, Vigor d6

After resting for 24-hours a Rastipede has grown acidic sacks underneath their flesh. This grants them 5 Power Points and the arcane power 'Bolt, Large'. This bolt attack costs 2 points and deals 3d4 points of damage with 2d4 the next round unless anti-acid is applied with a healing check. The power recharges at 1 per hour and is subject to such Edges as Rapid Recharge.

Requirements: Rastipedes, Seasoned

After resting for 24-hours a Rastipede has grown a hardened exoskeleton that grants a permanent +2 Armor to their body. Their newly formed anatomy makes normal clothing or armor. The price of armor is increased from between 25% to 50% the retail price due to customization. This custom armor also sells for 25% less due to a smaller market (unless someone happens to be on a Rastipede heavy world).



Brief: Xixchil are an insectoid race that resembles something akin to a praying mantis. Their chitinous skin ranges between shades of green or blue green with black eyes. They are known for their multiple-limbs which include two manipulator limbs and two foreblades. Not only do the foreblades serve as natural weapons, they also work as tools for one of the Xixchil's passions: Surgery. Xixchil's, whether in the wilds of fantasy space or in science-fiction, are medical workers extraordinaire! This leaves them with a reputation of being cold and seeing others as potential subjects or clients to go under their blades.

In Spelljammer: Xixchil operate out of asteroid-based facilities or back alley clinics on the Rock of Bral. They have interests in surgery as well as narcotics, a byproduct of anesthetic poison they created to help put subjects to sleep during the surgery.

In Scarabae: Xixchil are less formal, and more back alley in their surgery and drug production techniques. The Picaro's of Redgutter Ward wishing to avoid rival gangs looking for them at houses of healing just might find themselves in a Xixchil hive. The Chitinous Ones are a Xixchil controlled gang who control of the barbiturate trade in Scarabae. They do not mind using their assortment of thugs to intimidate small-time apothecaries out of making their own and not buying from their dealers.

In JumpGate: Xixchil are more formal in the science-fiction setting. Certainly, there are some Xixchil who are back alley on outpost space stations and the like, but most Xixchil serve on medical teams or with private corporations. They are also noted as excellent technicians and cyber-surgeons. Their trade, besides selling potent anesthetics to companies, is body modification surgery. The core of their race lives in a forest homeworld within the Insectoid Union.


Multi-Limbs: Xixchil can take one action with their manipulators and one action with their foreblades without penalty.

Blade: This is a natural attack that deals Str+d6

Darkvision: Xixchil ignore penalties due to luminosity.

Cold: Xixchil have a 'survival for the fittest' mentality and a reputation for seeing others as potential surgical subjects. Xixchil have a -2 Charisma.

Outsider: Xixchil are seen as something of 'the Other' in civil space, even moreso than their somewhat loyal allies the Rastipede. Xixchil suffer from the 'Outsider' hindrance.

Suggested Skills: Knowledge (Medicine) / Knowledge (Apothecary) - Either skill is the catchall for making chemicals or potions that are medical in nature. This includes anesthetic drugs.

Suggested Edges: Healer

New Edges

Requirements: Xixchil, Seasoned

After resting for 24-hours a Xixchil has grown a hardened exoskeleton that grants a permanent +2 Armor to their body. Their newly formed anatomy makes normal clothing or armor. The price of armor is increased from between 25% to 50% the retail price due to customization. This custom armor also sells for 25% less due to a smaller market (unless someone happens to be on a Xixchil heavy world).

Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8+, Healing d8+, Knowledge (Medicine) d6+
A character with this Edge may ignore one point of his patient’s wound penalties when healing an injured person.

Requirements: Veteran, Doctor
Just as Doctor, but the Surgeon may ignore two wound levels, instead of one.


Beyond the Moons: Information on the Spelljammer Setting and other material.

Drive-thru RPG: Where you can purchase Spelljammer PDF's

Savepedia: Where I got the 'Doctor' and 'Surgeon' edge by a user named 'Boulder.

Scarabae: Jack Shear's Picarro-Steampunk setting.

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