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Scarabae: 5 Islands as Seen by 5 Characters

The Seal of Scarabae
Precis: Rather than try to produce a bunch of stats for a game you might not play, I wish to present some characters and notes in a generic fashion. Below we see the five islands of Scarabae and characters associated with them.

The Islands

The First, Politician's Playground

-The second largest island in the chain, 'Government' as it is known both by the island and the district is part natural formation, and part man-made formation given the multi-ringed feature that houses government officials, mages of the Libris Rex, travelers who can afford the higher rates, and the Palace.

-The Lexicos Spire is located here, enchanting the chain of islands with its linguistic assistance.

India Wellspring
Half-Elven Arcanist

-India is a mage-librarian within the Libris Rex. She is a Half-Elf and native to Scarabae, sired by an Elven arcanist and a Human from the Wards whom her mother used only for procreation purposes.

-India is a mid-tier magician with an ambitious streak. She is working on a project to trap the very dangerous Codex Diabolus from carrying out it's obscure and malevolent mission. To that end, she works as a liaison between the Rex and adventurers who are interested in this project.

The Second, The Heart of Scarabae

-The largest island within the chain, which is necessary as the Wards holds neighborhood after neighborhood with talk about burrowing underground to create extra homes.

-Natural harbors on the Ward's southern face serve as Scarabae's main port for ships looking to trade exotic goods to the island metropolis. The Customs Office and the Orcish run 'Longshoreman's Union' are powerful entities in the Port and are a source of employment for independent toughs to make trouble for people who don't pay dues or captains who try to smuggle contaminated goods into Scarabae.

Havard Ghostbreaker
Ursine Warrior, Beserker-type

-Havard is an Ursine, a bear-humanoid type from the forest realm. He maintains a home on Scarabae's Wards island where he hires himself out as muscle for people within the city.

-Gained the name 'Ghostbreaker' due to actions on the frontier continent that is closest to Scarabae. He proudly shows his case of Halfling skulls he collected from fighting the wild ones in service to the colony villages.

-Havard favors two-weapon fighting and charging into the fray swinging his blades.

The Third, The Playground for the Wild and Wealthy

-The Park is the Third and 4th largest island in the chain. High cliffs with few beaches make this the most isolated of the islands requiring either a brave captain or airship to travel to.

-Natural springs help maintain the overgrowth of forest on the island. The rich own homes to get away from the bustle of the city. Bands of wildlings (individuals who wish to live in the wilds, rather than in the city) as live and terrorize this region. It is viewed as the price of natural beauty, and the rich can always afford a couple of bodyguards.

-The Tree Shepherds are a family of Ents who protect certain groves on the island. They take offense for anyone to try and chop down trees or even pick flowers in these sacred places. Woe to the fop who tries to disturb these grounds, only to be confronted by a large, wooden creature with tree trunk arms.

Tabitha Shaw
The Red Witch

-Tabitha is a combination of socialite and witch who lives in one of the larger villages on the Park Island. She is an heiress to a large fortune which she allows others to manage while she appears to spend her days in idle leisure.

-The Red Witch has a reputation of beauty and some form of power, she also has a reputation of entertaining many suitors- some of whom have vanished or died under mysterious circumstances.

-Tabitha's owl familiar, Prospero, is often seen not too far from the Red Witch. Always watching out for her.

The Fourth, The Smallest, The Island of Graves

-The Grove is the 4th island but the smallest in the chain. The island serves as a city graveyard for those who can afford a plot of ground to put their loved one in.

-There is a large Temple to the Power known as 'Death'. Here the clerics prepare bodies for burial and bless them to keep the body safe from necromancy. It is not uncommon that such spells are overriden or fade for a time as necromancy is still a problem on the island.

-Gargoyles looking for work and places to perch are hired to assist in guardian duties on this island.

Pressler Shovelman
Goblin Gravedigger, Bodybasher

-Pressler is a Goblin who serves two roles on the island. His main role as hired by the Temple of Death is to dig graves and assist in interning a body to the ground. He is often seen during services standing off to the side with his crew ready to bury another body.

-His other job comes with the knowledge that some parts of the ground are cursed and the dead, despite protections, will try to rise to wreck havoc on the living. It's Pressler and his crew's job to make sure the dead stay dead and rebury what is left after the fight.

-Hates necromancers, whom he blames for his second job of having to beat the undead some more.

The 5th, the Pit

-The 5th island is also 3rd largest and is often shrouded by a plume of smoke that rises from the stacks that dot the island's exterior. Furnace is not just an island, it is a large deposit of precious stones, rare metals, and steampowering blackrock. All of which are mined under the charter and supervision of House Orichalcum, a fancy title for a Gnomish house of moneylenders and investors.

-The workforce consists of volunteers from races that do not mind underground and heat. This includes races such as Dwarves, Gnomes, Kobolds, and Orcs, and Goblins. The pay is well, but the conditions are not always safest. Debtors are also sent here until their wages payoff the debts they made to the principal clients. Then again, the debtors are also charged for use of equipment, food, and water from the company store- they essentially become coerced into staying on and working in the furnace.

-The Sword, the ideological group of anarchists, often stage raids to steal precious stones or help someone escape from forced labor camps within the company. They are both welcome and disliked, depending on the individual miner's view.

Fargo Ironeater
Dwarven Cleric of Strength

-Fargo is a member of the Ironeater Clan, which one of the major groups that shares ownership of House Orichalcum with their Gnomish counterparts. He himself is a minor kinsman to the Ironeaters and works within the mines as both a forge master of precious metal and a healer of wounded miners.

-He is grim, but helpful. Often seeming annoyed at healing some fool who fell off a platform or fellow who was burned by the fires on the island. His bitterness perhaps comes from the fact he owns so little stock in the company, despite his clan affiliations.

-Is working on what he feels will be his masterpiece: The Golden Arm. This jewel studded device replaces a person's normal arm. Its golden skin and gems helps increase the user's magical skill when they cast from the arm.

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