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Scarabae: 6 Pirates of the Cerulean Seas

Typical day on the Cerulean
Scarabae is of course the city of exiles, ner'do'wells, and rogues. It is also the main port of call for buccaneers, scalawags, freebooters, and pirates. The main draw is that as being the home of exiles and emphasizing coin over rule of law, pirates are typically accosted little either cruising the coast or pulling into Scarabae. The customs are only interested in making sure nothing plagued is getting onto the island (and if a customs man had a quibble about so much treasure a little bribe goes a long way). Below are 6 pirate NPC's found cruising the seas of Scarabae. They can employers, hired help, or enemies for the PC's to deal with.

Captain Charlotte Fero
Captain of the Blackwater Witch or Blackwater for short.

-Captain Fero is a Human female who is said to have won her ship from her ex-husband in a game of cards. Specifically when it came time to decide the martial assets they had agreed to settle such a delicate matter with, of course, poker. She was the better bluffer and had the higher hand.

-Her crew consists of Humans, Half-Elves, and a few Elves. Very few small folk want to work with so many large folk bustling about and at times hazing the smaller crew.

-She likes to make her money taking on passengers to remote locales, exercising letters of marque on behalf of outlying kingdoms, and plundering ancient tombs for treasure over direct seizing of ships, that is more of a last resort- or if the pickings look especially good to her.

Mate Bernard Goldenbraid
Mate on the Kingfish

-Bernard is a Dwarf mate aboard the Kingfish. The Kingfish itself is a clipper-class vessel and when not raiding ships for goods, it can be hired as an escort for merchant vessels.

-While he doesn't mind acts of piracy for the most part, Bernard tries to adhere to the guidelines of the Dwarven Seaclans. He uses his influence to avoid raiding ships that fly the Seaclan flag. In return, Seaclan members will purchase the Kingfish's booty in Scarabae at a fairer price.

-Has a collection of 'Ships in the Bottle' that he makes himself as a hobby. Sometimes, when he has the materials to enchant things, he enchants these bottles to either animate or grant some kind of magical bonus to him.

Captain Gamaro Bloodstone
Captain of the Sea Scorpion

-Gamaro is an Orc captain of the Sea Scorpion. He is the son of sailing men and a veteran of an all too familiar tale of conflict between Elves and Orcs. His life has been marred by the conflict.

-While there is currently peace between the Throne of Glass and the Throne of Iron, Gamaro sees no treaty. His father and cousins, along with family of his Orcish crew have been lost and they shall continue to avenge. While he targets Elven shipping for plunder, most of that is business. His real ire is saved for the Ships he knows were involved in slaying members of his family during the war.

-His enchanted belt of water breathing bears of the skull of the first Elven captain he slew in deck boarding action. The captain that slew his father now serves Gamaro quite well.

Churchman 'Church' Ringtail
Crew of the Thatcher

-Church is a general crewman and boarding action expert of the Thatcher. This small blockade runner is crewed by Halflings, Gnomes, Grippli, and Ratfolk. The perfect place for smaller races to make their mark without being stepped on by the big people.

-He is a superstitious person, all pirates are. The necklaces and ear rings that he collects display runes and symbols of protection- especially from the great beasts of the sea such as Dragon Turtles and Krakens.

-Tells a tale how his grandfather served with Captain Caldwell of Scarabae. When Caldwell slew the Dragon Turtle, Church claims, he took the gold and offered his crew a mere pittance. Every once in a while Church tells his story and Caldwell's location on Scarabae in hopes that the Dragon Turtle's family will know where to look to take their vengeance.

Healer aboard the Sea Crab.

-Deepa is a combination of cleric / surgeon aboard the Sea Crab. She is a Human woman from one of the islander nations that are not quite close to Scarabae, but are a little ways off from the civilized Kingdoms. If she had stayed on her islands she might have made a living as a village Priestess to some form of the Empress. Instead, as life would have it, her family moved to Scarabae when a passing ship was looking to hire servants for the short trip.

-Deepa does worship the Empress, but is not quite the tribal priestess she might have been on her island. Instead, she is a minor cleric who stops in the temple from time-to-time and resigns herself that unless she stops sailing and works full-time as a Cleric, she will never advance very high in the Church. Despite promising each trip will be her last, she does find the call to sea very enchanting.

-Has a very, very strict policy of amorous relations with a sailor. It requires a combination of medical examination and cure disease ritual placed upon by her. She's treated too many cases of sailor's malady to be so swayed, no matter how dashing the sailor might be.

Torbin Seahorn
Cannoneer of the Cockatrice

-Torbin is a Minotaur born and raised in Scarabae by a single mother after his father was slain on the frontier fighting Ghostwise Halflings. When he was old enough to work with Halflings (which meant he was rather a kid) he set sail with fishermen. When he grew older and taller he worked with Humans and then Orcs. He has now gone from a fisherman, to a brief career in Scarabae's coast guard where he learned some letters and math, to independent work on the Cockatrice.

-Approves of raids on Dwarven Seaclan ships as they typically carry the grandest payloads in their holds. This is a double edge sword, as the Cockatrice now has the ire of the Seaclans and pirates who work with the Clans. The Cockatrice is very close to getting a price on their heads.

-Always keeps a portion of his pay in a chest so that every time he is home he can give it to his mother. His personal code is never to touch or dare to try to pick the arcane locks of that chest.

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