Monday, May 22, 2017

Scarabae: The Lovers, The Chariot, & Strength

Well, it seemed like a good time to continue on my previous series on how the major powers (which are based on the Tarot arcana) are worshiped in Scarabae, perhaps in the world at large.

The Lovers
The Playful Ones, Temple of Earthly Pleasures & Divine Insights

-On the surface, the Power known as 'the Lovers' represent the pleasures that humanoids enjoy in the world. Where the Empress is concerned with doing one's all to produce life, the Lovers are more interested in expressing the joys of physical love.

-Temples to the Lovers are typically situated with spring fed baths in the middle. Parishioners are encouraged to bathe and engage in social functions. Physical love is discouraged in the main pool due to health reasons, but lovers are encouraged to step in nearby alcoves to fulfill any urges within them.

-The Power of the Lovers take the term 'Make Love, Not War' very seriously. The Temple lacks a defense force such as Paladins or Templars to take up their cause. The temple does have a small Monk sect that operates within the temple, but many of them are trained in non-lethal subduing over physical combat.

The Chariot
The General, Lord of the Sphinx

-The Chariot is the patron power of military colleges and institutions of martial strategy. Military headquarters, such as the Scarabae Coastguard, include a shrine to the General. Military leaders often ask priests and oracles of the Chariot to listen to their plans and offer any insight from the power.

-The Chariot is also one of two shrines within the Blades Ward of Scarabae. He along with Strength fines many a supporter among mercenaries, particularly professional organizations like Grey Company, The Dragon Knights, and IX Company. Looser mercenary organizations prefer the Chariot's friendly rival, Strength, to their liking.

-The Chariot uses Templars (Fighter-Clerics) to serve as his church militant. The Temple of the Chariot also hires out clerics to military companies that have the favor of the power.

The Warrior, Physical Power, Champion of the Powers

-Strength is a lot looser in its organization compared to the Chariot, representing instead pure physical strength and combat prowess over discipline and strategy. It is not uncommon to find military units, mercenary companies, and other bodies to have a shrine to Strength alongside Chariot.

-Group's such as Rex's Rangers, The Valkyrie's, and Goblin Brigade- smaller, looser mercenary units put greater stock in Strength over Chariot. Strength is also the patron for cities arenas, with his iconography hanging above the arena to bless glorious battle.

-Strength uses Templars (Fighter-Clerics) to enforce his will. Like the Chariot, Temples to Strength will hire out their units to mercenary companies, specifically companies that prove themselves worthy through a test of strength- such as by wrestling.


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The Scarabae Setting - By Jack Shear

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