Thursday, May 25, 2017

Solo: Verona Heights - Cast Post

The current main cast for 'Verona Heights'.

Benvolio (Enforcer of Montague)

Class: Gunner ( 2 )

Brawn 4+
Nimble 3+
Mind 4+
Person 5+

HP: 6 / 8 (w/ Armor)

Falcon .45: R: Near; S: Laser Sight: +1 Attk; Burst (d6) - +1/+1 Attk/dmg

Sparrow 9mm: R: Near

Special (Gunner): Gain 1 bonus ranged attack along with your main attack.

Equipment: Cigarettes, Phone, Car, Body Armor / Bits: 800

Augmentations: Thermal Eye, Telescope Vision

-Benvolio is the enforcer for the House of Montague. He is somewhat reluctant to carry out the intra-corporate feud, but feels compelled out of familiar ties. He is a cousin and friend of Romeo whose romance spins this tale.

-His friends and allies are Abram (Gunner) and Balthasar (Mechanic). One of his contacts is Mercer (Doc).

Tybalt (The Sword of Capulet)

Class: Cyberblade ( 2 )

Brawn 3+
Nimble 4+
Mind 5+
Person 4+

HP: 7 / 9 (With Armor)

Katana: R: Melee / S: Diamond Cut: +1 Attk & +1 Dmg

Sparrow 9mm: R: Near

Shurikens, Internal (x3 per Combat): R: Near; S: Concealable in mechanical hand.

Special (Skirmish): Gains +1 bonus melee attack along with their main melee attack.

Equipment: x3 Adrenal Pills (+1 to Actions for 1d3 rounds), Phone / Bits: 500

Augmentations: Derma Shield (Use: 1/Combat): Gains +2 Hits for 1d3 rounds.

-Tybalt is the Sword of Capulet and their enthusiastic enforcer due to his near death from a Montague car bomb. He is the nephew of Lord Capulet & Lady Capulet and Juliet's older cousin. He has sworn to take the life of Lord Montague for ordering the combat and respects Benvolio.

-His allies include Capulet loyalists Sampson (a Gunner) and Gregory (a Doc). His contact is Valentine, Mercutio's brother and a member of the Escalus branch of Verona Heights.

Melchior (Agent of the Prince)

Class: Ghost ( 2 )

Brawn 5+
Nimble 3+
Mind 4+
Person 4+

HP: 5 / 6 (+1 Reinforced Clothing)

Raven 9mm: R: Near / S: Laser Sight: +1 Attk

Monoknife: R: Melee / S: Monomolecular Blade: +1 Dmg

Special (Adroit): Re-roll any Nimble tests currently equal to 1.

Equipment: Credentials, Reinforced Clothing, Datapad / Bits: 1200

Augmentations: Stealth Mod (Use: 1/Combat): -1 Attacks or to Detect character for 1d6+1 rounds.

-Melchior is a ghost agent for Colette Escalus, the so-called 'Prince' of Verona Heights. He is asked to keep an eye on Paris, Escalus' favorite nephew. Melchior is a trusted agent of the Prince.

-He is friendly with Valentine and Mercutio, the brothers and cousin to Paris. He suspects one of them is talking to the Capulets.

-His ally includes Petruchio (Ghost). His contacts include Peter and Abram of Capulet and Montague respectively.

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