Monday, May 22, 2017

White Star Class: The Officer

The Officer

An Alternative Aristocrat

Brief: Either commanding rebel troops from makeshift headquarters or leading regime units from the back of a polished warmech, Officers are a different sort of aristocrat. They eschew the silver tongue and finery for a little extra combat prowess. An Officer follows the Aristocrat class, save the alterations below.

Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium Armor (Officers typically allow their frontline troops to advance in heavier crisis armor and energy shields. They are proficient with synthetic fabric or blast vests depending on the situation).

Weapon Proficiency: Daggers (Normal & Mono), Swords (Normal & Mono), Batons, Firearms, Lasers. An Officer can also spend time and money to become proficient with laser rifles or grenades- time can be in the form of a number of sessions fighting with a -2 penalty (or Disadvantage if the campaign is incline to the Advantage/Disadvantage rules) - Officers typically start play having gone to Officer school over basic combat training. They are knowledgeable about various weapons, but typically stick to their pistol and let the front line troops use the heavier equipment.

Execute Order: 12 (Initiate Offensive): Officers bark orders and lead troops into combat. Spending one round giving out this order grants a +1 to Attacks and Saving Throws for the next 6 turns.

Execute Order: 33 (Strike to Kill) (1/combat encounter): This order grant made on the Officer's turn grants an extra attack to a target at Near distance to the Officer. The attack granted by this method is treated as a normal attack with no special powers or talents invoked by the recipient, but they can make an attack at the ROF of the weapon. i.e. a Mercenary using a Laser Rifle gets 2 shots. The Officer cannot attack this round, but can continue to move after issuing this order.

Every 4th level after 1st an Officer get's an extra use of this ability. Unless allowed by the GM, the Officer can only grant 1 extra attack per round to a character.

Other Orders an Officer might receive as they level at the behest of the GM:

Execute Order: 24 (Take & Hold): Officer gives a command for his men to find cover as the party holds out against an attack. The Officer and affected allies gain +1 [-1] AC and +1 to Saving Throws for the next 6 turns.

Execute Order: 66 (Star Knight Cull): A special order given in the event of a Star Knight coup. This order commands troops to concentrate fire on Star Knights in order to wear down the target and slay them quickly. For the next 6 rounds all shots directed at a Star Knight are made with a +1 bonus and a bonus d6 to damage.

Execute Order: 42 (Robot Disintegration): A variant on Order 66 (perhaps 42 came first?) For the next 6 rounds directed at Droid units gain a +1 attack and a bonus d6 die to damage.

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