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White Star: A Trio of Characters

Picture on file, before he slew all those Star Knights.
Commando Codsworth 'Cody' Halwell
Human Officer; 4th Level Aristocrat/Officer

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 15 / +1
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 15 / +1

HP: 13 

AC: 8 [12] (Light Armor) / BHB: +1 / ST: 11

Skills (d6): Interaction (3-in-6); Technology (3-in-6); Athletics (2-in-6)

Laser Pistol: +1 / Dmg: 1d6+2; RoF: 2; R: 100 ft.
Mono-Dagger: +1 / Dmg: 1d6; R: Melee

Saving Throw Adjustments: +2 vs. Mind-controlling effects and abilities.


Extra Effort (1/day - Human): Humans have a certain spark that drives them to succeed. Once per day they can roll twice and take the better of the rolls of any Attack, Skill, or Attribute check they make.

Execute Order 12 (Initiate Offensive): Officer gives orders that bolsters his fellow comrades. For 6 rounds, the Officer and allies gain a +1 to Attacks and Saving Throws.

Execute Order 33 (Strike to Kill) 2/day: Initiates a directive that allows an ally to gain an extra attack twice per day at a rate of 1 Strike to Kill Order per round. The character who gets this order may make another range or melee attack at a Rate of Attack of 1 regardless of the RoF of their weapon.

Execute Order 66 (Star Knight Cull) 1/day: This Order is a move to take out Star or Void Knights. For the next 6 rounds players gain a +1 to Attack at a universal level and a bonus d6 in damage when striking at a Star Knight or Void Knight. The +1 to Hit does not stack with Execute Order 12, though the latter Order can still grant a +1 to Saving Throws. 

-Commander Halwell is a Militia Officer from a planet Tabullah that has seen recent upheaval with a independent Star Knight order known as the 'Silver Star' that wished to take a more direct hand in the affairs of the official government. When the government refused and the Star Knights launched an attempt to take over the government, Halwell was one of commanders called into suppress the attempt.

-Created the 'Order 66' as a special code for troops to concentrate fire on various parts of a Star Knight's body to make it difficult for them to block every shot. This focused fire attack wasn't perfect, but it was one of the best ways to slay Star Knights.

-Though the Silver Star's keep in Tabullah's capital has been sacked, these rogue Star Knights continue in hiding. Do they continue to move against the government to establish a Star Knight theocracy? Do they just wish to be alone? Do they have other plans for Rabni sector? Who knows. To this day though, among surviving Star Knights and apprentices, Halwell's name is spoken in anger.

-Commander Halwell is currently working on Tabullah's outer moons to shore up threats both in Rabni Sector and outside the system.

Minerva Pryce, Aquanaut-Explorer
Minerva Pryce
Human Mercenary; 3rd level Mercenary

Strength: 15 / +1
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 14

HP: 12

AC: 8 [12] (Light Aquatic Suit) / BHB: +2 / ST: 12

Skills (d6): Athletics (3-in-6); Larceny (2-in-6); Navigation (1-in-6)

Speargun: +2; Dmg: 1d6+1; RoF: 1/2; Range: 250 ft. (Water) / 125 ft. (Land)

Laser Pistol: +2 / +1 (Land); Dmg: 1d6+2; RoF: 1; 50 ft. (Land) / 100 ft. (Water); S: Blue-Green Spectrum: This spectrum is designed for underwater use. On Land the spectrum is unwieldy, user takes a -1 Attack and Range unless they have a spectrum tuner that changes colorization for effectiveness.

Monoknife: +2 / Dmg: 1d6+1


Extra Effort (1/day - Human): Humans have a certain spark that drives them to succeed. Once per day they can roll twice and take the better of the rolls of any Attack, Skill, or Attribute check they make.

Combat Machine (3): With her background and combat training, Minerva can attack up to 3 1HD or less foes in a single round.

Saving Throw Adjustment: +2 vs. Poisons & Death effects.

Suit: While wearing her underwater armor, Minerva maintains a consistent swimming speed. She swims at a rate of 12 compared to a normal swimmer (who swims at 6).

-Minerva is a Human and resident of the oceanic planet Lemuria within the Rabni Sector. The planet, known for it's beautiful islands and great blue oceans, is also known as a home to a number of ancient sunken ruins. These ruins include hints of an advanced civilization done in by their hubris and Star Knight temples of old.

-She's a member of a salvage and smuggling crew that raids Star Knight temples for artifacts to sell to groups such as Consortium Ambassadors, Silver Star agents, and various Star Knights who are willing to pay her people for their effort. Her crew includes a number of Aliens such as Crustinaxi (Lobster-men), Charcaradons (Shark-men), and Tortles (Turtle-men). She represents several Human islanders who work alongside these rough, but loyal races.

-Her rivals are the Hook Bay Boys, a trio of Charcaradon brothers and their islander allies. They often compete in the same set of ruins for different clients. She's had a number of shark-men try to take a bite out of her, and a number of Charcaradons scarred from her speargun and knife.

Tarn Slithkin; Saurian Bounty Hunter
Tarn Slithkin
Saurian Bounty Hunter; 2nd level Bounty Hunter

Strength: 17 / +1
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 10

HP: 10

AC: 6 [14] (Combat Armor) / BHB: +1 / ST: 14

Skills (d6): Athletics (3-in-6); Interaction (2-in-6); Navigation (1-in-6)

Laser Rifle: +1; Dmg: 2d6; RoF: 2; R: 200 ft.

Laser Pistol: +1 Dmg: 1d6+2; RoF: 2; R: 100 ft.

Stun-mace: +2; 1d6; S: Charges: 20 - When a charge is used, a Stun-mace deals 2d6 damage (nonlethal) to a target. At 0 HP a target is knocked unconscious by the energy. At 0 Charges the mace must be recharged for an hour at a universal charging station.

Claw: +2; 1d6; S: Natural Attack.


Predator & Prey: Gains +2 Attacks vs. a target the Bounty Hunter is contracted to find. Currently, this Bounty Hunter may have only 2 active contracts.

Subduing Damage: At 0 HP a Bounty Hunter may choose to incapacitate a target instead of killing a target, even if it is an attack that would normally kill a target (in most instances). A target is unconscious for 1d6 hours and upon waking only has 1 hit point.

Master Track: Bounty Hunter's can make a Saving Throw to track a target from planet to planet. The time, difficulty penalty or bonus, and other factors are at the behest of the GM.

Saving Throw Adjustment: +2 vs. Deceptions, Ambushes, and Concealment.

-Since the Saurian Star Empire entered the Rabni Sector and colonized the verdant planet of Saurus Minor, bounty hunters such as Tarn have found able work tracking down debtors, smugglers, and terrorists who have launched attack against the Saurian authorities. He is a former Legionnaire for the Saurian Empire.

-Despite his profession and what one might call a 'grimness' in hunting down criminals, rebels, and scoundrels. He actually likes his work. He approaches such jobs as a big game hunt and deals with it with a whistle, a smile, and a quaff of synthale.

-Has a number of contacts in Rabni and Kelron Sector that he uses. These contacts can grant him a +1 when makes a Tracking check.

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