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Wired Neon Cities - Genetech

Lupine-unit 'Ivy'
Before we begin, I just wanted to say that I got a copy of Scott Malthouse's 'Wired Neon Cities'. Which, I thought the same of it as I thought about 'In Darkest Warrens' and 'Astounding Interplanetary Adventures'. A very nice minimal system that can be played out of the box- anything I add is just some neat ideas to try out. With that in mind, let's chat about 'Genetech' which was inspired by 'Wired Neon Cities' and the D20 Future campaign from that source book.

Precis: In a Cyberpunk world where cloning and genetic manipulation is available, a new breed of hybrid has emerged from the Carthago Corporation's laboratory. Animal-humanoid hybrids that now are corporate assets, rogue elements, and terrorists in a world that may or may-not care for them.

Conspectus: At some point in the the future, the Carthago Corporation announces a new division of their enterprise. Like a lot of Megacorporations, Carthago has made its fortune in the world of body augmentation, but this new division is different- it is dedicated to research into cloning and genetic manipulation to essentially create new life. A breakthrough is announced when the first 'Hybrid-asset is created: Part Wolf, part human with a mixture of lupine senses and the ability to use a weapon. It is now sometime in the future and such hybridization has become standard. Various animals and clones exist in a cyberpunk world and are used as assets by corporations to conduct espionage, assignation, or battle each other live on Glownets for entertainment. However, as time has passed elements now emerge that threaten balance. Assets that were once kept in corporate labs have begun to escape and form underground resistance cells, imprisoned subjects have been freed through bombings and shootings, and various creatures have made announcement that the people that had kept them in bondage were going to be punished.

It is a time for characters to rise as allies, hunters, or the assets themselves.

New Rules

-Most of this follows Wired Neon Cities. But a few items have been added below:

Races Player's select a race along with class that adds certain benefits. Below are a sample few.

Human (Us, present day humanoids only altered by body augmentation)

-Extra Effort (1/day): Once per day a Human can roll a Test twice and take the better of the two rolls.

Wolf (Lupine-unit; Hybrid of humans and wolves):

-Bite: Always considered armed due to reinforced canines.

-Scent (1/day): Gains a +1 on any Mind Test to notice things based on sense of smell. Once per day, a Wolf can roll their Test twice and take the better result.

Cat (Feline-unit; Hybrid of human and either lions or tigers)

-Claws: Always considered armed due to retractable claws.

-Scamper (1/day): Once per day a Cat can push their bodies further, gaining an extra movement-based action.

Bear (Ursine-unit; Hybrid between humans and either black, brown, or polar bears)

-Natural Weapons: Always considered armed due to a combination of retractable claws and bite.

-Great Strength (1/day): Gains +1 on checks involving Combat Maneuvers such as Bull rush or Grapple due to a larger frame and strength. Once per day a Bear can roll 2d6 on a test and take the better of the two rolls.

Mouse (Rodent-unit; Hybrid between humans and mice or rats)

-Small Frame: +1 on Stealth checks due to a smaller frame. Reduce carrying capacity from 10 items to 8 due to frame.

-Vision (1/day): Gain +1 on Mind tests for Perception when site is in use. Once per day a Rodent-unit can roll 2d6 and take the better of the two rolls.

Dolphin (Porpoise-unit; Hybrid between humans and dolphins)

-Environmental Adaption (Water): Gain +1 to Swim checks and is able to hold breath from generally 10 rounds to 20 rounds before Brawn checks are required. Air tanks last 4 hours instead of 2.

-Low Light Vision: Can see in Low Light conditions without penalty.

Bat (Chiroptera-unit; Hybrid between humans and bats)

-Bite: Always considered armed due to reinforced fangs.

-Danger Sense (1/day): Once per day a Bat can make a Mind test (possibly with a -1 or Disadvantage - roll 2d6 take worst) depending on ambush scenario to detect danger. A successful Danger Sense can allow the party to avoid not being surprised.

Rules Suggestion

Rate of Fire - Depending on how prominent guns are in the game. The following might be added at GM's discretion.

ROF: Rate of Fire simulates automatic fire by allowing a character to strike at multiple targets per round. Pistols & SMGs might have an ROF 2 (2 attacks) while Rifles have an ROF 3 (3 attacks).

Burst: Gain +1 Attack and Damage. Weapons have so many burst rounds before they become low on ammo and are reduced to single attacks. Example: A GM might give a Rifle a ROF 2; Burst 3. A Player who elects to Burst reduces Burst to 2 and gains a +1 Attack and Damage. Every round they can make 2 attacks.

Ranged Weapons: Pistols can be used in melee with a -1 to Attack. Longarms cannot be used in close-quarters combat.


Wired Neon Cities - Here

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